In November this year, Valve had to announce the planned for December 2021 release of Steam cover that moves to February 2,022nd As the main reason for the manufacturer called the ongoing problems in the global supply chain. But the release in two months under these aspects is even backed up?

There's been a lot of Steam Deck news in the last few days... ????
That said Valve the release of Steam deck in February 2022

The responsible Valve designer Greg Cooper turned recently to questions of colleagues at PC Gamer and came in part to the current supply problems and the associated release plans for the handheld PC Steam deck to speak. For the waiting fans — especially the pre-order — he had a calming message in the luggage:

We have the feeling that in this respect all goes according to plan. We are still disappointed that we had to move to the beginning of next year from the end of this year. But yes, all signs indicate that in February this we in are able to deliver.

How many copies are distributed at the launch of the customers?

So far, Valve keeps with specific information on the numbers at the launch of Steam deck posh back. But the statements of According Cooper will turn out not dimensioned particularly small the launch.

We will have a launch for a significant number of users at the beginning. This is then we build over time continues on, instead rauszuhauen the largest chunk of the first day and then continuously break down.

According to the testimony of Greg Cooper Valve wants to have delivered to customers until 2023 several million copies of Steam deck without, however, mention a concrete number to want. The manufacturer, however, is definitely convinced of the success of the handheld.

Source: PC Gamer

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The release of the Steam deck in February 2022 currently remains untouched. (2) [Source: Valve]

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