A very good time has already passed since we had some kind of novelty related to Final Fantasy XVI, and of course, the fans are beginning to despair. Well, it will be better if you army patience already Square Enix announced that the development of this anticipated game was delayed for almost six months due to the pandemic.

Via twitter, the official account of ff xvi shared a message of Naomi Yeshiva, producer of the game, where it mentions that the pandemic forced team members to work from home, something that It drastically affected communication between all. Yeshiva says that many key elements of the title are already practically ready and from now on will focus on playing and trying as long as you can from FFI to crush all the bugs, refine the base experience and give us a Dignified adventure for users.

But then, when will we have news about FFI ? According to Yeshiva, the next important disclosure of the game will be holding in the spring of 2022, and I want to assume that we will finally know its release date. Outside that, he did not give more details about it.

FF16 UPDATE: Final Fantasy XVI DELAYED & Development Progress
Editor’s note: The news is definitely disappointing, but we have to understand that Square Enix must prioritize the health and well-being of employees rather than anything. I have no doubt that FFI will be an exceptional game, and I can not wait to learn more about it.