In destiny 2 have new light players playing for the first time just not easy. The free jubilee activity Prose of Eternity should actually be a witty game show activity with horse. But new players are currently experiencing hell on competition levels and with nasty champions.

Actually, the Pauses of Eternity promise new players free content, funny OUR comments and an impossible horse. But what funny sounds is currently a really frustrating first experience for new players in Destiny 2.

What is this task? Bungee will automatically bring his new lights automatically, after the introductory mission, in the anniversary activity Preserved eternity. There they are not only subject with Lichtlevel 1100. They are almost equal to the strongest opponents in Destiny 2 without legendary equipment.

The event activity has a minimum power level of 1150. New players start with 1100, so almost play on competition levels.
The activity contains champions of all kinds that can only be properly defeated with suitable mods.
Players had to fight for up to an hour, which is very frustrating.

Understandable that this is not a good start of the game for new players, if you make such a bad experience. With a Power level around the 1100 you are a one-shot of almost all NPCs quasi.

The activity has now been running for almost a month and starting for new players, Bungee has not changed anything since then. Has been overlooked here that New light players around Power level 1100 have no champion mods yet?

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Players report negative entry-level experiences

In the meantime, more and more New light players report on their negative entry-level experiences and also experienced Destiny 2 player, such as Histamine, point to Reddit, how pointed can be the courage of eternity, if you just start:

Frustrated told [a friend] me that it actually took almost an hour to finish the activity. He told me that no one knew what to do, they have failed at all other encounters and spent over 30 minutes to defeat the end opponent. Sounds great funny, right? […] First I did not believe him. But when I bothered him for another run, all besides me were Level 1 [Season rang].

In addition, this also affects the gaming experience of experienced Destiny 2 players. So Iamthedayman21 reports on Reddit:

Have played last night and get a few single-digit levels in my team. I was the only one who got buffs and destroyed crystals. I was also the only one who defused mines in the next section. It was hellish frustrating!

Therefore, the activity is not stopped simply: Experienced players would now argue that this activity does not have to play, but can.

But New light players are often unaware at the beginning of the game of this fact. Many go out, they must play these automatically started activity. So fight 50 Level support and without champion mods through the complete activity. It feels like a ‘OUR Kidnapping You’s’ Our Kidnapping You’-Vibe.

What does Bungee say about this negative player experience? The community manager of Bungee Cozmo23 now reported to Reddit. He shared the players there that you will see the problem to improve the experience.

We have sent this problem to the team to investigate it. Hopefully we can make the first interaction with the fantastic horse with new lights more positive.

Writes Buggies Community Manager Cozmo23 on Reddit

Our recommendation for New light players: If you should start with Destiny 2 and also come into this situation, then you can cancel the anniversary activity Pauses of Eternity at any time.

The event will, as Buggies Game-Director Joe Blackburn announced recently on Twitter, will be even longer in the game: You can also play them at a later date when you have your champion mods from the artifact of the Season 15 and Get legendary equipment.

Players do not want to be pushed into activities: The players now hope that bungee is the entry into the event soon designed differently. Above all, for new players the entry is less frustrating. Basically, anyone is likely to be pushed into an activity where you have no chance to win how players emphasize at Reddit again and again. The entry should be regulated via the Powerless and automatically recognize the game if someone has not yet had the required light level.

Did you know that the prolongs of eternity are so extremely frustrating for New light players? What are your experiences? Did you meet many Season rang 1 players in the courage? Will you pay attention to it in the future and help the newcomers?