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\ – One of the most expensive games in Steam

\ – Explore the abandoned research facilities and fears Full creeping explodes

The 80s Retro-style science thriller today has been released as a steam early access today (25th). Now the players can explore the Name of the name to the end of the horror of the horror and explore the facility alone or with friends. will continue to update new content and improvements in the early access phase.

The closed beta test, which started in December 202, was conducted on the persons with more than 50,000 players participating. In addition, is currently added to more than 20,000 wishlist and is expected through the Tank Channel and more than 100,000 discovers.

In the game, the player must be a team leader and should find out what happened to the crew of the station that is a mystery located in a submarine facility in a submarine facility, which is a submarine facility. In the 1980s and the 90s classic game, we must order a team from the dark science story inspired by the dark science story and find out what happened to his colleagues.

To explore the deep and disappeared researchers, the rescue team can use a variety of tools. You can learn how to collaborate with team members, make a master of the graphics, crashed, crashed, or void your head, and use drones to scan a huge cave, and to open a huge duty and to open a new area of ​​the lab. Through dangerous traps and aliens, you should get out of your destination, and you have to prepare to die a lot.

In addition, the player does not have to be lonely al1. In a specific mission in Challenge mode, it can be played with friends using local multiplayer mode or steam remote play function. Online cooperation play will be added at the early access phase.

Key Features:

▲ Story Line that lists on the 80s science classical film, including ALAN, Thing, Virus, Douro

▲ Play time of more than 20 hours in story mode. (We will be completed during access period)

▲ Challenge mode that provides in-depth adventure

▲ Seaweed cave exploration using hooks, scanners, drones, heavy equipment.

▲ Local Cooper or steam remote coo option (online Cooper will be introduced during access period)

More information on the game is available on the Steam page.