Atlas, the goddess of Atlas, the goddess, there is a lot of main sole, but it is not less derived from popularity. Among them, the soul hackers, which had been broken for a long period of time, has been announced by the fans’ eyes.

Seja Public Lisish Korea released the latest ‘Soul Hackers 2’ through the online broadcasting ‘Aion Live Broadcasting Sequence’ from 8:00 on the 21st. Soul Hackers is a soul hackers followed by one of the Deville Summer series derived from the goddess of the goddess. The first title was launched in Segata, in 1997, and successive work in 25 years.

Soul Hackers scored a world view of SF in the goddess of Jean Goddess, and the subsequent Soul Hackers 2 recalls the previous feature. The background is the mid-21st century, and it is active in Devil, who has a contract with the devil and live secretly. Deville Someton has two organizations of the Yataaras and Phantom Society, and there are figures to work without belonging.

In addition, the transcendence of the transcendental existence in the new technological vertices is protecting the human world. Then one day aion detects that the destruction is coming to the human world, and sends Ringo and the pigs to the human world to prevent them. The Ringo party looks for Devil, which is the presence that is necessary to avoid destruction, but they were already died. The Ringo is a dumplilled thermaler who died of Soul Hack, which is a special ability of Aion. Since then, Lingo, Pyg, Rewards Devil Someton, will be able to combine the strength of the world to solve the fabulits of the world.

This is the main character that was released this time. First, Aion has an agent Ringo and Pig. Both are new born bees and the Ringo has curious about human society and emotion, and the pigs have a relatively calm character. Then Deville Something is a total of three. Then, the Nero of Yatagaras accompanies, is a normal time, but the only one is small and mild, but it is hiding the enthusiastic inner. The Milami, which is a phantom society, then Malayi, is also cool and rational, and sometimes harsh judgment. Finally, the cyonds that act as a silent is a romantist that identifies the atmosphere of a romantest.

If you look at the published promotional video on the 21st, it is a turn-based combat based on a team of four characters, and the power of the devil is also utilized. In addition, the goddess was introduced to the ‘Savat (Total Attack), based on the inherited weakness of the Persona series. We offer a powerful one by combat technology that gathers the enemy weakness of the enemy’s weaknesses.


Soul Hackers 2 will be released on August 25, and support models are PC (steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / s. Support official Korean subtitles to Japanese voice. The package is 69,800 won, and the limited edition is 129,800 won, and the download version is 69,800 won, and the downloaded luxury plate is 100,800 won.