A Pokémon streamer tries the impossible: Pokémon soulsilver only with shiny monsters in the team play through. He does not just need nerves made of steel, but also almost 60 hours. What a hard challenge.

Pokémon challenge demands great patience

A Pokémon player faces a particularly difficult task that employs him several months. In a video, he now shows the highlights of the Challenge, who has put the patience of the Speedrunner neatly on the test.

Pokemon but I can only use SHINIES
The goal this time? In Pokémon Soulsilver own a team full of Shinies and play the game with this. With an approximate Shiny probability of 1 to 8,000 , this can of course take its time. For a dazzling starter alone, the streamer needs 4 hours and 1352 attempts for which he has to turn off the entire game and restart again. Since his whole team at the end of dazzling monsters should exist, he even leaves a fun caught, legendary Pokémon just free.

You can watch the highlights of his streams here:

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In the glory hall, Smallant creates it with its pretty, dazzling team consisting of impergator, Lugia, Dragonir, Nachtara, Voltobal and Garados. Afterwards it is still fast to Ho-Oh, which he takes up instead of Garados in his team to destroy Pokémon coach red. The whole undertaking has demanded the streamer just under 58 hours and 44 minutes and 16,884 reboots **.

The Youtuber writes himself that the Challenge has tested his patience – probably he devotes himself in the near future again a pair of Speedruns to protect his nerves.

Which Pokémon are you?

Anyone who has once gained on Shiny Hunt, knows the frustration of broken chains and the steadily growing impatience. Have you ever been hunting, and if so, for which Pokémon? Write us your experiences and opinions in the comments on Facebook.