Since the 2nd matchday, the SC Freiburg stands continuously in the top 6 of the Bundesliga, after the 2-1 victory in Augsburg currently in place, point equal to RB Leipzig and the TSG Hoffenheim on places 4 and 5. 37 meters after 23 Game Tags – Freiburg takes a start at international business. In addition to the comfortable sporting situation, the leadership of the SC of course also deals with the squad for the coming season. When it comes to possible disposals, ShootingStar Nico Schlotterbeck and Routinian Nils Petersen are in focus of the public.

FC Augsburg vs SC Freiburg 1-2 Nico Schlotterbeck & Nils Petersen score in win Match review

The basic decision, whether he is or remains, has not fallen yet.

Jochen Saier about the Personalism Nico Schlotterbeck

In the Game Tags interview (from Wednesday evening here as eMagazine) Freiburg’s sports board Jochen Saier talks about the two personal details. For the future of the obliged Nico Schlotterbeck, whose contract is still running at the SC until 2023, he says: “The basic decision, whether he is or remains, has not fallen yet. There will be a balancing process together with him, of course, decisive with it Hinges, if there are attractive offers for him, which correspond to its value – even for us as absolute differences – and potential. ” In addition to a sale next summer, two other variants are conceivable.

Saier says: “It’s all possible, especially if the framework conditions do not vote in summer.” And to the opportunities for a contract extension, the 43-year-old says: “As I said, everything is possible. Also, that Nico extends its contract and continues its development to play an even higher level and become an even more stable foundation to work out.”

He has to make 100 percent as a player a decision.

Jochen Saier about the Personalie Nils Petersen

Nils Petersen is a SC contract offer beyond summer, a decision, how and where it should go on for him, did not hit the striker yet. Saier says, “I am with Nils in the narrow and trusting exchange. We have discussed his situation in all facets. We give him time and rest to make a good decision for himself with conviction. I think he will be in the coming weeks do. We accompany the handsome, this framework he has earned over the years. ” A follow-up employment at the sports club is not part of the offer to Petersen: “Something is always concretized with us only when a career end is established. In the overall package of Nils I see it certainly interesting perspectives. Now he has to be 100 percent As a player make a decision. There is nothing else in pure because we would then need it after the summer with skin and hair and physically in a top condition. “

In the Game Tags print edition on Thursday (or already from Wednesday evening as eMagazine) _ _Lesen the whole interview with Jochen Saier. The sports board also talks about the external and internal destinations of the SC Freiburg, the DFB Cup and the European Cup, the current squad and transfers.