A few days ago, Abramovich had announced to give control over the London Premier League club and transfer them into a trustee foundation. So it came on Wednesday evening.

Abramovich renounces 1.8 billion euros on loans

Roman Abramovich has decided to SELL Chelsea Football Club | Astro SuperSport
After almost 20-year-old ownership, Abramovich had to fear in view of the Russian President Vladimir Putin that his assets could be frozen by sanctions. The sale will not be overrun, but ordered over the stage. Part of the process is also Abramovich’s waiver of 1.5 billion pounds (around 1.8 billion euros), which he has borrowed Chelsea during his “regency”. “I never went to shops or money, but alone about the passion for football and club,” said the 55-year-old in a club statement.

Foundation for “All victims of war in Ukraine”

Furthermore, Abramovich assumed that the foundation should provide the selling amount to reduce the suffering “of all victims of war in Ukraine”. According to Abramovich, both the most urgent needs of the victims are satisfied, but also for long-term reconstruction these financial resources are also used.

Wyss and Boehly among the prospects

The Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss (86) reported in the interview with the newspaper “Look” that with three other persons, he received an offer for the club of the national player Kai Hanctz, Antonio Rüdiger and Timo Werner and coach Thomas Tuchel. “He wants to get rid of Chelsea quickly,” Wyss said. “Like all other oligarchs, he is panic.” In the English Parliament has already been proposed to freeze Abramovich’s accounts, even if he is currently not on the EU sanction list.

Wyss should be part of a consortium with the US businessman Todd Boehly who is interested in the purchase of the FC Chelsea. Boehly is part owner of the US baseball team of L.A. Dodgers.

Abramovich hopes to last visit to Stamford Bridge

Abramovich said that the sale of the club had been an “incredibly difficult decision”. He hopes that he got the opportunity for a last visit to the Stamford Bridge to say to all “Good-Bye”.

Abramovich had taken over the FC Chelsea in 2003 and supported with great investment. Since then, the club has won 19 titles, including twice the Champions League (2012, 2021) and five English championship titles (2005, 2006, 2010, 2015 and 2017).