Mighty House Wolffort is steadily growing with each new member adopted in its ranks, and by itself becomes a real army. However, Serena and his retinue are not invincible, and they will need someone who is familiar with medicinal herbs and ointments to heal their wounds. Fortunately, one practitioner is ready to offer his experience to House Wolffort… Medina Allyam . This is how to hire Medina Allyam in a triangle strategy.

Note: Next follows small spoilers about the characters of Medina Allyam.

Medina Alley, contradictory healer

Where to find and recruit Medina Allyam

Part 1: Let's Play Triangle Strategy, Hard Mode -
In order for the history of Medina Alley Character to appear on the world map, firstly, you need to achieve Chapter V: invaded Darkness and strong agreement with moral Value of the belief of Serena. However, do not be afraid if the history of its character does not appear during Chapter V, as it is likely to become available in Chapter VII, if you continue to strengthen the beliefs of Salea when passing the main plot.

As soon as the history of Medina’s character appeared, Look a short screensaver To learn more about prejudices that exist in the chisant, as well as about contradictory feelings with which Medina is forced to face as a result. Salea takes her proposal to provide medical care to the house of Wolfforta after the scene is completed. Unlock it as a gaming character .

Captivity Alley Alley

As a practitioner, Medina uses it extensive medical knowledge Increase the effectiveness of items to restore health on the battlefield. Her initial weapons – a knife, to whom she owns with surgical accuracy to sew its allies. The ability of Double Items allows the medina to use 2 subjects to its own move giving it the opportunity to be a powerful healer while you have restoring items at hand.

In addition, the passive ability of the “long throw” increases its range of three cells when using the item on their comrades, which means that it can use HP recovery granules to to treat allies from a safe distance . While its effectiveness is a bit depends on how well you store your inventory, Medina – a funny healer, whom you can have in my team if you prefer to use objects, not magic!

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