Here’s Why Charging an Electric Car Can Suck - And It’s Not The Reason You Think!
If the car is located, in many cases the unbureaucratic self-help. The best buddy or the nice girlfriend back to drag the dared vehicle into a secure harbor, usually a workshop.

Proven does not work

Not quite so easy that is the electric car. Here’s more complicated. Why, explain the journal professionals of the Auto Club Europa (ACE): A vehicle with internal combustion engine is dragged idle, so with removed gear, towed. This chives the connection between the motor and drive wheels. In e-mobile and many hybrids, this method is usually not possible. When the wheels turn the wheels when tapping, it is simplified – stream is still produced via an axis in the electric motor. If this happens without the vehicle is ready for use, it may occur too high induction voltages, which in turn damage the power electronics and the battery. Even automatic transmissions are generally endangered according to ACE.

with raised wheels

In case of breakdown, electric car drivers and driver should better cause a towing company. But what makes the professional different? He can rely on devices that raise the wheels for towing. Or he unloads that no longer drives mobile right onto a trailer.

Lower breakdown frequency

Incidentally, electric cars do not fall due to a special breakdown frequency. On the contrary, “Our recent experiences show that E-cars will remain rare compared to the burner,” says Stefan Biert, Head of the Contracting Party Management Department at the ACE. On the one hand, this is a question – most electric cars are still new and hardly affected by wear. But there is another reason: whether ignition system or mixture preparation – an electric car has simply fewer components that can break.