Golden Scarab is a talisman in Elden Ring, which passively increases the number of runes earned. This does not increase the amount for which subjects will be sold, but increases the receipt of runes for each killed enemy, including bosses. This item can be found at any time of the game, and it is located in the dungeon in Calide.

Where to find Golden Scarab in Caelid

The path to the abandoned cave requires that the players pass Calid until they are in Drakonia Kurgan . At the initial stage, this may be a challenge, as many enemies can kill players with endurance players from one shot. Upon arrival in the cave, players just need to fight enemies. Boss inside to get a reward Golden Scarab .

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Elden Ring – Gold Scarab Talisman Location

Alaty rot In the dungeon, ramps of water and gas are raging, so it is recommended to carry armor that increase the player’s resistance. Once in a room with the boss, players will fight two knights clean rot , one with a spear, and the other with a sickle. The boss option can be fighting in Liurni as well as a field boss, while several other versions exist as ordinary enemies, like most dungeon bosses. After the victory from these bosses, Golden Scarab will fall .

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