Our test agrees with the colleagues of the trade press: Elden Ring is a true masterpiece. Thanks to your faithful horse Stormwind and our helpful entry-level tips, you will certainly sit firmly in the saddle and have met in the intermediate country also one or the other friendly minded NPC .

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Because most interlocutors in Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €) are actually charming journeymen, which often only a nice chat and maybe have a little favor in mind. Should your NPCs be accidentally attacked or killed equally, your quest series can not be continued. A dilemma for which it luckily gives a solution.

Tote NPCs in Elden Ring are not lost forever

Actually, there is a way to revive the dead NPCs **. A warning in advance: the method should probably not work with all characters, but it is unclear which NPCs stay dead. So keep your sword in bridle and attacks no innocent passers-by.

If the mistake is still undergoing you, you have sent one of the many NPCs to the boards and now want to revive him, you must visit the church of the vow in the Middle East from Liurnia , where you already have the Turtle Miriel expects. The ecclesiastical hat does not carry the armored crawl without reason: you can give your sins for him.

This means concrete: Not only Tote NPCs are revived by the granting of your absolution, also hostile-minded characters that want to get to the leather after an accidental attack on their own, will be friendly again. The Absolution thus helps you to resume quest string of angry or killed NPCs.

What is heavenly and where can I find the object?

For forgiveness, however, you do not have to continue with Miriel himself, but at the statue a few steps. Just approach the statue and chooses “absolution” to give you your sins forgiven. However, a hook has the whole thing: every time you want to give Absolution, you need the item Himmstauf .

This is a bottle filled with a blue liquid. The object is quite rare and you can not farm him from opponents, but there are some places where you will find Handzstau on your journey. So you get a portion of heavenly jam from a corpse on a lead in the Uhl Palastruinen , from a corpse on the lower level in the Eternal city of Nokron as well as from a corpse under some ruins in Nokstella .

Two characters sell the valuable essence as well: Once the Nomadian dealer at the underground river Ainsel and once the servant Pidia, which is well hidden in the house Caria . Highway is a very rare well in Elden Ring, which is why your NPCs are best not attacked, but with words with words.

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