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The 20th presidential election, which was 9 days, was finally finished. The presidential election was unusually fiercely like an analysis of the minimal gap of the constitution, and the elected prefix, which was confirmed by the previous presidential election, was an ultra-theater that did not appear until 3 o’clock. Perhaps a lot of voters, including reporters, would not have been able to sleep in the opening of the openings.

I sweat my hands in the tide, and the ridiculous waves that have been experienced in the game are thrilled. Who is a fierce winner that is not caught. Usually, it is ending due to the victory of the main character, but if the main character is not clear, it is not a bad ending of the main character death / fading. Today, I reminded me of the 20th presidential election, Top 5 in the game in the game.

First Presidential Debate Of 2020 Election | NBC News NOW
TOP 5. Metal Gear Rising Revension, Leiden VS Stephen Armstrong

Metal Gear Rising Revision Arms, the final boss, Stephen Armstrong is a person who drove the main character Riiden to the supernatant. Above all, it is a person who is a politician from the president of the President of the President. Remains.

Although the hero was predicted that the hero was predicted to win, the Armstrong was so strong that the stronger was strong. In the scene where Leiden is almost just before the death (+ nanomer) and the fighting technology, it is not the end of the game. In fact, there is no guarantee that it is not guaranteed to die in the metall gear series characteristics, and it is time to sweat in hand because it is not yet coming up. Well, finally, the Lien won the Buffer Buff, but the name of the presidential candidate Armstrong is the way to the road between the gamers, and I do not know what to do.

TOP 4. KOF 95, Kusa Nagi Kyo VS Yagami Iori

Starting the Street Fighter, the stretching of the fighting game is a strange law that rivalry characters appear unconditionally. In the early days, this rival composition, which was close to the competitors such as Ryu / Ken, Terry / Andy, and Rollbert, such as Robert, is a little bit of Genjuro at Samurai Spirits 2. And the presence of the line in the vertex is the rival of madness, Yagami, which reveals an exposure to KOF main character KOF KOK.

Iori first appeared on KOF 95, which is the second work, and he had a breathtaking Japanese team in the finals. Even 1-1 1 engagement of Kyoki was drawing as a timeover, but it was a situation that the remaining athletes was turned into the following difference. Even after that, I want to continue to win Kyokyo, but I do not have a stronger, I will not temporarily make a hand, faster, faster, fight, fought, or leave the adventure to the team members. It is a feeling that the internet proverb called the truly winner of the last one is the true winner.

TOP 3. Dark Soul 3, Me’s Ear Recered VS Selected Posts (King of the King)

Dark Soul 3, Furthermore, the final boss of the Dark Soul series is a pretty unique. I am sitting in front of the bonfire, but I am not immediately starting the battle immediately, but I do not immediately start the battle, but if you change the pattern similar to the player, you will see the use of a variety of difficulties and alarious difficulty. It comes to be transmitted.

In particular, it is an identity that allows this battle to know that it is a choice of choice. Even if you see a little bit of a bitterly survived while watching on the Dark Soul 1, it is clearly revealed that the player who has been selected by the player who had a player, In the end, this battle is three of the three and one fight, and I fought the first time, and at the end of the choice, I will overcome the chest sick in the past. Well, Dark Soul Series Worldview What’s wrong with the world, let’s not worry about a big worries. And let’s make themselves. It’s not difficult, but I do not have a defeat.

TOP 2. TOKENK 7, Mishima Hayaachi vs Mishima Kazua

Kazuya and Hei Hachi, who was a policy relationship, It has already been deteriorated to be difficult to express the two between them. The two victims of the two were made a few times, and the true binder was not once. One, Kazuya is finished with ending to defeat the Hayhachi and throw it on the cliff, and the Hayachi, who revived, beat Kazuya and throws to the volcanic crater. But Kazuya is also alive on four pieces, and eventually leads to the end of seven times, and eventually.

In the meantime, it was true that it was a lot of wattage, and it was difficult to lose the victory on one side of the Iron 7. In fact, the taste series was not a strange situation, because there is no one character that can be called a distinct protector, so it was not strange even if one dies. As a result, he fought against the human limit of Hayachi, but he defeated Kazuay with a car, Maybe it could have been an unavoidable depression with the death of the two hundred times, but it is only a good idea to support the Hayachi.

TOP 1. God of War 3, Crete vs Zeus

As a word of God of God Greek myths, I can summarize “Crete to Greek gods”. If you get strong gods and monsters get into Crete, you can not write it up once, and you can use excellence. I had a relative to the crithm before death, and there was a relative to him, and Jiangs, who is his father. Even if you meet with the overwhelming mental power and power, it is the only person who dragged Crete to be beaten by the power of death.

In fact, Crete loses all the weapons that he have acquired in Jausu, and he grabbed the “hope” at the end of the fighting fight until just before the defeat date, and won the final victory. If Crete was not the god of the war, it was the ultimate invitation that it was not the god of the war that became stronger. For reference, it is similar to the heyachi-ga Kazuaya and the old-way, but in terms of fighting scales, the gods of the gods beyond the semi-circuits, but in terms of fighting scales.