Hotel Transsilvania is one of the most successful franchises of Sony Pictures Animation, whose first three films together achieved a box office of over $ 1.3 billion. The last chapter of the series, Hotel Transsilvania – a monster transformation, was published in January 2022 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

In Hotel Transylvania: Schaurig-beautiful adventures immerse players and players in unique worlds based on the classic fairy tale Red Riding Hood, Ali Baba and the forty robbers and the Emperor new clothes, but have been provided with a creepy “Hotel Transsilvania” spin.

As a red rooftop MAVIS, it is important to provide for the great evil Wolf Wayne to collect valuable jewels for the king of the thieves to get into the cave of treasures and solve puzzles to open the dilapidated temples and find Emperor Blobby’s new clothes.

Players can slip into the roles of DRAC and MAVIS, both of which have their very own vampire skills such as superpower, movement, super jumps and more.

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Hotel Transylvania: Scary-Tale Adventures - All Bosses + Ending

In addition, you can meet other famous characters from Hotel Transsilvania on your way. Johnny, Murray, Wayne and others will guide players to use their special skills, to solve exciting quests, sneaky challenges, and devilish puzzles and find hidden collection objects.