“Customers appeals about the point that you can not quit your mind from the beginning.”

Samsung Electronics has conducted a software update that provides an option of GAS (Game Optimizing Service) on its mobile device Galaxy S22 on 10 days. On the 4th, Samsung Membership is a “scheduled to implement a performance priority option in a fast seal” on the 4th.

This update is available for the CPU and GPUs at the time of game, and can be used to maximize the GPU. ▲ Bauses that can avoid GOS external app blocking, etc., have been included in the recent GOS situation. It is also not possible to have a ‘game performance management mode’ for product performance improvement.

The GOS has the app for controlling the game resolution and characteristics, and the surface, “optimizing mobile phone performance”. However, in fact, it is known that it is a decreased device performance to prevent excessive heat and battery use.

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Famous IT YouTowers, as well as smartphone performance (benchmark) measurement site ‘Geek Bench’ developer, GOS situation, as well as the GOS situation, and the public opinion surrounding Samsung Electronics was worsening. The Geek Bench has deteriorated the situation, excluding Samsung Electronics’ smartphones (Galaxy S10, 20, 21, 22 series), which was released from 2019 to the year’s performance measurement list from 2019 to this year. Besides, today (11th) afternoon The Naver Cafe Made to prepare a group lawsuit on Samsung Electronics ‘GOS Group Litigation Ready Room’ Members of the Memorial Ready Ready.

That’s why Samsung Electronics prepared an apology for GOS and a relatively fast update.

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Currently, Samsung Electronics is a context of GAS related updates to Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8, and will apply the contents to other Galaxy Smartphones and tabs.

Below is a notice of Samsung Membership by Samsung Mem Bus app.

GOS related software update notification (S22)

Hello? Samsung Mem Bus. First, I would like to say that I have a couple of things that I have not been able to quit my heart from scratch.

We respect the requirements for your GOS and improved the initial performance restrictions on the high-end game and use it to maximize the CPU / GPU. In addition, we have added game performance management mode to enhance product performance. Existing smartphones and tabs improvement software upgrades will also proceed within fast seals.

Samsung Electronics will do our best to provide the best products and services to earn more in your precious voice in the future.

Thank you.