The third boss nioh 2 is a big bare and snaked yatsu-no-kami, and it’s not a breeze. You want to take your time with this boss because it has a large sword-shaped horn attached to his face and two snake heads that act like arms on each side of his body. Once you understand the schemas of Yatsu, you should have no problem deleting it.

NIOH 2 BOSS GUIDES - How To Easily Kill Yatsu no Kami!

When the fight starts, the snake will plunge directly to you, forcing you to dodge on the left or right. Management does not matter as long as you dodge. Immediately after that, you can dive directly to inflict damage, but you want to get away from there and wait until it attacks. Yatsu-No-Kami works a little differently from other boss fights, where you want to wait until it attacks to align the correct counterattack.

For example, when it places the two snake heads on the ground, they will rise under you, so you want to rush directly to Yatsu-No-Kami during this time, so when the attack ends, you’re next and You can inflict fast damage. After that, roll and wait another opening.

Yatsu-No-Kami has attack the snake heads and continues to dive through the arena to attack you from time to time. You can counter that, but it’s quite fast and infrequent. You want to avoid attacking it directly to avoid being caught by this attack, so come from an angle. In addition, it will invoke a series of translucent projectiles that cross the battlefield. If you can see when Yatsu invokes them, these attacks are easy to dodge. It uses the projectile attack in the normal and dark field.

When he enters the dark realm, the snake heads are free from him and become different snakes that pull you from the poison. These two are moving freely from Yatsu, so you want to keep your eyes on them. In addition, by removing them, you can return to the normal kingdom. Defeat it is your priority the first time you go to the Kingdom of Darkness. If you avoid the Yatsu, you should be good, but it will try to catch you and inflict big damage with tail shots. The grapple seems that Yatsu tries to wrap around you.

Yatsu will continue to follow the scheme of these attacks during your meeting. Once you are closer to the end of the fight and Yatsu has less health, you want to focus on the attack in the dark realm than on small snakes. There are many repetitions during this boss fight with not too much special mechanics to think. You definitely want to bring an antidote with you, to fight any poison that you can receive small snakes.