PS Plus is the subscription system of PLAYSTATION 4 and PLAYSTATION 5 that allows users to access all online functions of the games for these platforms and, at the same time, provides their subscribers The Possibility of acquiring games every month at no cost. If we add that the service also offers extra discounts on the offers from the PS Store and other rewards, the result is clear: PlayStation Plus is today an essential service to get all the game to your Sony consoles. And more if there are irresistible offers like the current ones.

PS Plus 12 months you come out at 4 euros per month

The promotion that Sony is currently launching focuses on its most attractive subscription: the 12 months. On this occgamesion, you can get PS Plus for a year for only 44.99 euros, or what is the same, with a discount of 25% compared to its official price. This means that the subscription appears for the equivalent of four euros per month. Does it sound good, right? Access games without additional cost every month, enjoy online services and many more rewards. The offer is available for new users or former users who do not have their subscription currently.

In addition, the moment is the ideal. With the output of first level titles games Gran Turismo 7 or Elden Ring , the online one becomes more vital than ever. Either to compete and try to win your friends at the exciting races of the number 1 simulator at PlayStation, or to gamesk for help and cooperate with others when it comes to destroying the most impressive end-looking heads of the larger Software game, available games well in PS4 and PS5. If we add that in March they arrive with cooperative games Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantgamesy Origins or Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the moment is now.

games usual in these actions, you can access this * Promoción with the purchgamese of purse cards that can be purchgamesed directly at Amazon ** through this link in a simple way and then redeem it on your console through PlayStation Store. The steps are the following for players who do not have PS plus games today:

  1. You go to the Amazon and purchgamese link a gift card of 50 euros or one of 40 euros and another of five.
  2. With the gift card in our power, we enter the ps store to redeem the balance to the digital console purse.

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) March 2022 (PS+)
3. With the balance in the purse, we enter the offer of 12 months of PS Plus with a 25% discount and buy the product.

With these simple steps we can enjoy infinity of online game hours, with rewards and exclusive elements for plus subscribers, acquire no new new games every month and many other rewards. Remove the maximum possible game to our console is cheaper than ever with this promotion. What are you waiting for? The best thing about playing in company is waiting for you.