Last week, even at the steam at the steam, the top simultaneous number of consecutants in the steam maintains a line of 800,000 and kept TOP 3, and the Rost Arc has not recovered the previous record.

2022 Обход блокировки STEAM | Смена региона СТИМ
Roast arc has declined 64 million at the 11th, which has been updated, and 640,000 at the top simultaneous connections fell and stayed at 600,000 units on the weekend. This could not be recovered on 14 days, and the top simultaneous number of concurrent users was 66 million, and it was 4th in Tota 2. Although the elderly is not steep, it is a situation where the firepower is definitely feasible compared to the early days of the release that recorded more than 1 million people.

The part, which is the biggest problem in the steam version, is a “bot” user. Last 4, the executor is permanently suspended 1 million accounts identified as using illegal programs, and is working on how to identify illegal programs better in the game and to provide a way to block them.

In addition, the issue also caused a fishermen to a number of users who have failed to be able to complete the “Tital Ross” during the Width of Guardian in the past weekend. Bot issues and errors, etc., will be the right subsequent response, because it is a local operational issue, not the game property. Rost Arc is focused on interest that you can recover your old momentum.

Then, in the world’s best sales products, the online multiplayer FPS ‘World War 3 (World War 3), which is ahead of 2018, has been successful in sales. This is a Military shooter that deals with the battle in the modern instance, Blaza, Berlin, Moscow, and so on. The recent evaluation of the steam user has been a ‘generally positive’ and has a evaluation that has a game performance better than Battlefield 2042.