Saudi Arabian Fund (PIF) was confirmed to have reached the two shareholders of Nexon, listed on Japan.

PIF has 7.09% of Nexon’s stake in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. According to the Japanese electronic disclosure system on the 17th, PIF has added 1.12% Nexon Stock 1.12% to the market until March 10, and raised the total retention to 8.14%.

According to the electron disclosure, the Nexon cumulative investment in PIF corresponds to 2.22.34 billion yen (about 2,331.3bn). The stake in PIF is a value of 8.1% of the master trust trust (マ ス ー ス 託 託). Nexon Holding Company NXC has 28.6%, NXC owned by NXC, which is 18.8% of NXC, which is 18.8%, which corresponds to 47.4%. Therefore, there is no unreasonable to interpret that the Saudi Arabian local fund became the two shareholders of Nexon.

For reference, the Nexon Japanese Corporation owns all of the stake in Nexon Korea, which corresponds to Development Basic. The PIF acquires 2.57% of NCsoft stocks on the 10th, and the total equity rate of 9.26% of netmarble (8.9%) and the national pension (8.4%). The Saudi Arabian Fund will rise to two major shareholders in ‘3n’ in a short period of time.

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For reference, the total assets of the PIF are $ 500 billion (about 616 kilon) scale. In the operation of the PIF, the Muhammed Empty Children’s prince was deeply involved.