Netflix’s resident envelope drama is released on July 14th.

Capcom’s popular series, Resident Evil, based on Resident Evil, revealed the release date and poster. On the three posters, you can check the yellow background, the logo, each blood bubble, the T-virus, the blood bottle, the word “Joy” and the pills of the Mom Brella Corporation.

The drama consists of eight hours of episodes for 1 hour, and the story is spreading alternately with two hours. The first time zed Wiscue and Billy Wakesquer’s sister, who are a 14-year-old Jade Wakesker, Da Raccoon City, is a process of realizing the secrets of the Father’s secret in New Raccoon City, and the second time zed Wiscue, who is 30 years old, lives from 6 billion monsters infected with T-virus It is scheduled to cover the struggle to leave.

In the past, as a result of the associated plot, 14 years of a fatal virus, the Jade Wakesker is a big deal of the past, Mom Brella Corporation and Father in New Raccoon City, I feel the bitterness and fight for survival.

Albert Wakesker Station has been cast in Lance Les, and others, Ella Balin Scar, Tamara Smart, Siena Aguadong, Adelin Rudolph and Paola Nuñez are starring.

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Super Natural Andrew Diel leads the drama, and the first two episodes will be in charge of the Bronen Hughes of Walking Dead and Braking Bad. The drama production is made by the Constantine film produced by Mila Yobe Beach Starring Resident Evil Movie Series.