Mainz 05 and penalty – that fits. Even before the headposs of the home game against Bielefeld, the Mainz clearly won, the zero-fiver finally had a Bundesliga record in series with 33 transformed penalties in series. It was even better. So much in advance: The zero-fiver posted after the game a picture of the penalty point and wrote: “Mainz Heatmap!”

Niakhaté could have been able to compete three times – which would probably have been a novelty with hits

The same three times referee Felix Zwayer, who previously had problems with a clock, decided in the second half on penalty. Completely right. The special thing was that Captain Niakhaté, the actual shooter, Jonathan Burkardt and Marcus Ingvartsen then let the instance.

Because both remained cool, Mainz is now at 36 transformed penalties in the Bundesliga. And not only: Three different shooters from the point did not exist in Germany’s Beletage in a game as well. For a ninth time, a referee also decided for a team more than twice a penalty – in such a short time (between the 65th and 79th minute) has never happened.

I am grateful to the captain that he has left me the second penalty

1. FSV Mainz 05 - Borussia Dortmund 0-1 | Highlights | Matchday 25 – Bundesliga 2021/22

Jonathan Burkardt

Alexander Hack praised his defenders Niakhaté at “Sky” for his decision. “In the end, everyone would have wanted to shoot the penalty. But yes, that speaks for our team, which testifies to team spirit,” he said, adding: “Everyone treats everyone and so it should be.” Finally, the Mainz captain could have written the same story in a Bundesliga game with three transformed penalties in a Bundesliga game. That he did not do that, Burkardt also found, “I am grateful to the captain that he has left me the second penalty. He meets the decisions, Moussa is the boss,” he said to the Mainz website.