XD Inc. is a refreshing competition currently underwritten with a well-received refreshing smartphone game “Flash party” (Flash Party), and informed the new hero “彤 (ト))” and the new skin series from March 23 (Wednesday).

XD Inc. is a refreshing competition for currently friendly and the new skin series from the Flash Party, which is the Flash Party, and the new skin series is added from March 23 (Wed). increase.
“Flash Party” is a game that fights with a variety of capabilities, and is a game where it is excited with friends anywhere. By adding an animation-style factor to interesting character design, I meet various heroes on the stage of the Cartoon tone world.

OS Download: https: //tap.io/okfjway1
Android Download: https: //tap.io/g7p78nby
Official Twitter Account (@flashPartyJP) Follow: https: //twitter.com/flashPartyJP

Please see the new hero videos and play:

# New Hero “彤 (Tou)” appeared!

From Oriental Oriental, a fighter successor who loved sake came. That name is also 彤. She shakes the stage with her overwhelming fist!彤 will learn Kariki town Suzaku fire-based surgical technique in Oriental, you can also fight a combination of her fire-based surgical technique rich in martial arts to change.
The relevant hero is purchased at the shop or is available at Star Chest. Star Chests can be acquired with Star Pass and Party Path.

彤 and her skin “碧 心” will be sold at 20% discount for one month after renewal, and don’t miss this opportunity. If you are lucky at the same time, you can earn even starches.

Strong Points:
Most attack damage and knockout power are strong
Excellent shield failure ability

When it is knocked out and outside the field, it is somewhat difficult to fall and recover
Slow speed, weak to remote attack

# # About Special and Development Method

Normal Special [General Shill]:
Tap the Special Button (Star Button). After you start drinking alcohol and drank it completely, it will be super armor state and deactivates one attack of her enemy and speeds fast. Her drunk operation can be canceled by using protection, jumping and avoiding in the first half of the drunk operation. The second half of her drinking operation is unprotected, and she can not cancel, I can not cancel the attack from the other party.

Road Special [Drunk Ding]:
Slide the special button horizontally. Dash up to a fixed distance and hit the other party three times and knock out three times.

Same Special [Actimized]:
Slide the special button. A fixed distance jump on the ground and hit the ground. After using this special, no special specialty can be used before falling. If you are out of the field, if you do not pay attention to the time of recovery, you will fall directly when the field is turned off.

Lower Specials [My Flower]:
Slide the special button down. Use a rope to leave the 箪 投 投 投 投 投 ノ 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相. This special feature has a strong defense failure ability to defensive opponents.

Level up method:
After acquiring a hero, you can get energy and coin through Star Pass and Star Chest and use it to use it.

Level up effect:
Each level is upgraded and the defense is 5%. When Level 7 is reached, you can earn a sticker special at a starchy or shop.

# New Series Skin “Tribal Carnival” Implementation

At the same time, “Tribal Carnival” series skin is scheduled to be sold at the same time. A tribe such as Hercules, Chile, Cupid, Macaroon, etc. appeared!
Now is the time to accept the nature of the wilderness and the nature of the field!
Tribal Carnival Series Skin will be added to the shop at the second week after update. It will be sold by 20% discount between 4:00 on March 30 4:00. Do not miss it!

# “Flash party”

“Flash Party” is a refreshing competition smartphone game that will make a one-to-one battle with a variety of capabilities and play with friends anywhere. In this game, you can use a simple operation, such as jumping, defense, etc., combine various attacks, and defeat the opponent with the best combo and win the victory!

The play mode is central to one-to-one online matches, and some modes such as friends match and football mode, such as two to 2 or four players, are implemented. You can enjoy AI alone or practice attacks in special training, and lots of embedded elements!

This game has several tens of characters, and will continue to be added in a continuous update. You can make the most of the special skills of those characters, and the movement with a sense of movement due to a variety of visual expressions will be reproduced, and you can enjoy the exhilarating feeling of the battle.

· Official site: http: //fp.xd.com · Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/flashpartyjp · Official Discord: https://discord.gg/flashparty · Official tiktok: https: //vt.tiktok.com / ZSEAK3EG7 / · Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flash.party_jp/- Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/flashpartyjp

# XD Inc. and TapTap

XD Inc. has not only developed the game but also to work on publishing, and at the same time, we have jointly established TAPTAP, China’s most growing smartphone game platform. Along with that, we will release high quality console games such as “Lagunarok Masters” series of large hit works “Ragnarok Online” series from the world, add high quality console games such as “ICEY”, and sincerity of various genres high quality games By providing, we have won a rating that it is one of the best game companies in China.

TapTap is a popular community that attracts high-quality games to players, as well as a popular community that is a popular community around the world. TapTap provides free support for developers, and supports improving the success rate of the game, efficiency improvement of the game, and improving the success rate of distribution.

On the other hand, as a community, many developers have established an official account and make the official information quickly, and various players all over the world communicate here, and fresh game information and good quality creative content one after another It is produced.

By June 2021, the number of monthly active users (MAU) of the international version TapTap International reached 13.20 million and is one of the most rapidly growing mobile gaming platforms in the world 177 region.