With the next big game in the Witcher Universe, CD project lays the foundation for a new saga. Except for a picture is not much known so far, yet first fan theories have conquered the network. To a theory, CD project now manifests itself in a very discreet way.

The Witcher 4: First Information about the next witcher adventure

The most important information about the next Witcher game:

  • Genre: Roleplay, Fantasy
  • Setting: High Fantasy, probably Open World
  • Game mode: Most likely single player
  • Platforms: PC, most likely PS5 and Xbox Series X / S
  • Release: No specification
  • Age release: No specification (previous Witcher main parts: USK 18)
  • Developer: CD project, Epic Games

New Witcher Game REVEALED and PlayStation Buys ANOTHER STUDIO!

Update from 23 March 2022:

Since the announcement was viral, many fans find that the pictured witcher amulet is very similar to a lynx. On the Tweet in which a user highlights this, the Global Community Director of CD project replied with a very special message. Marcin Momot clearly gives the signal with a GIF: yes, it looks like a lynx.

Although the capside is not an official confirmation that it is a new witcher school with a lynx as a symbol, but fans are obviously on the right track with their theory.

Original message:

You do not have to play the previous parts

The next “The Witcher” game starts a completely new saga. Whether this is the Witcher 4, has not yet been confirmed. So it could be similar to Assassin’s Creed Origins a new, unnumbered series . (Source: CD project red)

The construction of the former games is very likely no requirement to understand the next big Witcher game. Depending on how closely the story and the world of the new game is associated with the existing trilogy, fans of previous parts are certainly one or the other referrated can.

Did the Master Hexer Geralt?

At least speculate about it can already be, because with the announcement you also get a first picture donated. This suggests a fully new protagonist . On the picture is a completely new medallion to see.

This is buried in the snow, but the similarity with a lynx is unmistakable. All witches are based on animals; But there is no lynx school. In the network, therefore, diligently discusses whether this could be a completely new or perhaps even forgotten hexeer school . Either way, this means that the new Witcher saga introduces a new main character.

Another theory is that it may be a cat medallion. While this looks different in The Witcher 3, it could be a redesign . Finally, the cat medallion in the third part partially resembles the Wolf Medallion. In order to narrow these more clearly, you may have opted for a new design. In addition, Luchse are a genus of the cats of the cats .

New Engine, new luck

CD project does not just want to tell a new story from the Witcher universe, but also sets a new engine. While former games were created with the in-house REDEGINE, will be developed the next Witcher game on the Unreal Engine 5 .

According to previously, CD project had to be adapted and developed its own engine for every new game and developed, which does not just eat a lot of time, but is also very laborious. CD project therefore announces to cooperate with EPIC Games, responsible for the Unreal Engine to get the best possible out of her.

The change to the Unreal Engine will hopefully make sure that problems, such as Cyberpunk 2077 for release and sometimes still plague, will not occur in the form .

Despite partnership: No EPIC exclusivity

CD project assures that the change to the Unreal Engine and the close cooperation with EPIC Games does not mean that the next witcher game appears exclusively in the Epic Games Store. On Twitter, the Polish developer therefore gives the all-clear:

EPIC exclusivity would also be quite strange, after all, CD project with Gog operates its own online store.

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