So you explored the abandoned streets and you fought against some ghosts, you need an ghostwire: Tokio NEKOMATA request guide. It is one of the most unusual and unconventional activities of the game, but fortunately we are here to help.

Ghostwire: Tokyo NEKOMATA request guide: Where are Nekomata’s requests?

So NEKOMATA’s requests are interesting in Ghostwire: Tokyo since, unlike other collectibles or parallel activities, these are somewhat hidden. The first time you run into one of these supports is probably after you clean the Torii door during the MAZE OF MIRROR mission in chapter 2 of the main story. Basically, there are random store posts established in different parts of the map with a nekomata there as a pattern. Unlike other store posts that only sell food or katashiros, these Nekomata will ask you to bring them certain items. These range from everything, up to a sacred amulet, a head of Daruma and a bloody knife that is said to be the favorite homicidal weapon of a ghost. These locations will also be revealed on the map when you clean a Torii door and can be used as fast travel points.

Ghostwire Tokyo: Musical Nekomata Requests - All 6 Relic Locations
As for why you should find these items, it is because each of these suppliers grants unique rewards. Gets something to recover one of the elements, then one or two more at other intervals (generally 3 or 5), followed by a great reward for finding all the requested elements. These may vary from useful katashiros and skill improvements to unique camera filters for Ghostwire: Tokyo Photo for special outfits so that your character uses them. In addition, these Nekomata sellers can also store rare and useful items for you. These include KK’s research notes, which give you even more skill points, Magatas for the progression of advanced skills and additional gifts of photography mode as Emotes.

Ghostwire: Tokyo NEKOMATA request guide: How to find the requested items?

At first, Nekomata’s requests for Ghostwire: Tokyo seem searches from the treasure without fixed heading. Unlike other activities or collectibles, do not stand out on the map. In fact, it is completely possible to pick up one of these items while playing the main story without knowing its importance. You can find a Daruma head inside the KK apartment, the bloody ghost knife in the ladies bath on the Shibuya subway, etc.

And as complete as it would be meticulously checking each checklist in the full game with visual aids and indicators on where to go, believe it or not, there is a second option. First, you should talk to one of Nekomata’s request providers to get a list of what you are looking for. Next, open your menu and go to the Missions tab. From there, you can scroll to a dedicated submenu entitled NEKOMATA requests and alternate any collectable that you are looking for as your active goal.

Once you have done this, open your map. If you have done well, the area where the object should be will be highlighted in a circle. Now, instead of running blindly throughout a city, as well as a complex underground network in tunnels, you will have a much closer area to explore.

If you still do not know what to look for exactly, you will also get a little more help. Return to your menu, return to the NEKOMATA Requests tab and then highlight the item you are looking for. To the right of the menu there must be a simple phrase to help reduce your search even more. Review the area with a fine teeth comb and keep these tips into account. In addition, with these maps tricks in mind, you will not be discouraged with these spooky treasure searches.

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