With the massive success of Microsoft Flight Simulator comes a problem that all popular games are confronted. Some players reported accidents that brutally interrupt the joy of flying. In this article, we will review some current plants and potential fixes.

GPU driver problems

Make sure you use the most up-to-date drivers for your GPU. For NVIDIA users, this should be version 452.06. For AMD users, navigate to the AMD driver support and insert the model from your GPU, and download the appropriate drivers.

defective or unsupported peripherals

When we were looking at the game, we have undergone many plantages due to a defective Xbox controller, and its extinction has solved our crash problems. If you are using a controller or hotas, try running the game without the device connected to your PC. For people using dedicated flight sticks or yokes, you should consult the website manufactured to ensure compatibility with the game.

video memory

You may encounter problems with the amount of video memory you have, as Microsoft Flight Simulator is a fairly demanding game between texture streaming and the necessary physical calculations.

Depending on the amount of video memory you have, you may want to test the following values. First, go to the Options menu, then General, then Graphics. Navigate to Texture Resolution and set the following values ​​based on your video memory:

  • Less than 8 GB – high
  • Less than 6 GB – Middle
  • Less than 4 GB – weak

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - CRASH MECHANICS

V-Sync problems

Some players noticed that V-Sync deactivation caused problems with the GPU load and achieved good results by activating. To do this, navigate to the Options menu, General, and then Graphics. Look for the V-Sync option and activate it.

We will continue to add more solutions to current plantages as they are discovered.