Loglite, forced Retweet, Like a spiral stairway,

The ‘Obical Bulling’ released as April 2021 is a “Obical Bull”, as a non-360-degree loglite, literally turning around the cylindrical map, and it is a loglite string shooter to rotate the cylindrical map. The background is a setting that mankind was left immediately prior to the attack of the unidentified alien life (?) Correcting the unidentified poison (?) It is the main contents that they will explore their consciousness to the Dreadkov to carry various weapons and equipment, carrying various weapons and equipment.

In fact, if you are obitialized than this, it is the first thing that is noticeable, 360 degrees, which is the first to be d1. The bullet is not a straight line, and it was a work that has been attentioned from the Early Media in several media in a strange visual that goes out of the orbit, and the evaluation continued a very positive departure. And on March 22, the reaction was released, and the reaction is not as good as then. The game itself was not changed, but it was still a bug that was highly essential since it was free. Once the other part was removed, the other part has been scaled once.

Game name : Orbital Bullet (ORBital Bullet)
Classic Name : Loglite Backscap Shooting Action
Release date : 2022. 3. 15.


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