The Young Polish Studio Far From Home – Getting Elders from Techland, Bloober Team or Farm 51 – took advantage of the future Games Show held online last night to unveil a new trailer of gameplay for his first title: Forever skies.

Forever Skies gameplay trailer - Future Games Show Spring Showcase 2022
A planetary ecological disaster plunged the cradle of humanity under a coat of toxic clouds from where only the peaks of the skyscrapers emerge. A scientist on a mission in the orbit of the earth has survived the disaster and discovers the magnitude on his return. He will have to put his knowledge and tools to take advantage of attempting to survive above as below the clouds.

The new trailer of gameplay broadcast by Far from Home on the occasion of the last future Games Show gives us an overview of the possibilities at its disposal: between construction of decor elements such as scales or walls, removal of bartacles and Recycling Materials or Foam Projection In order to contain a fire, the equipment of our character promises a large number of possible interactions with its environment.

Under development for more than two years, Forever skies should arrive in anticipated access on PC during the year, with an expected exit in the stride but without accurate date on this support but also on PS5 and Xbox Series.