Thunderful Publishing announced the new puzzle adventure game “ Lego Bricktales ” that ClockStone in the “Bridge Constructor” series works.

In this work in this work set in the Lego’s diorama world, the player will resurrect the amusement park with a small robot, helping to challenge the puzzle in various places with a small robot’s buddy, and collect the Hapinescristal, which is the source of power I will.

LEGO’s adventure around the world: Experience a great dialog and fun secret, and experience a little different magnificent adventure.

  • Beautiful diorama world: Let’s experience the five world and amusement park hubs made in LEGO blocks.

* Building: This LEGO game will experience intuitive block architectural systems and witness the moment when your work is blown into your works in the three-dimensional world.

  • Trial of skills with various puzzles: Try your architectural skill with various types of puzzles. Physical-based puzzles build a bridge so that drills can cross the river. Here you will be tested as an engineer. In addition, you can design the new bighestor of the king as a designer or customize the amusement park attraction.

LEGO Bricktales Announcement Trailer 2022

Master architecture in sandbox mode: Clear the architectural spot and unlock sandbox mode. If you try again, you will be able to use a lot of additional blocks from different themes, and you can further improve architecture.

Many items that can be collected and unlocked: You can find a collection of collectors in various dioramas and unlock new items that can be used in clothes, or unlock new blocks that can be used in sandbox mode.

Create a character of just: Many parts can be manufactured from a mini figure character. In addition, the part of the world is further unlocked by advancing the story.

“Lego BrickTales”, which also supports Japanese, is scheduled to be distributed in 2022.