Egret II Mini - Full unboxing and in-depth review - 60fps
You will resume a mini-terminal to fill the little space available on your shelf? After the Neo Geo Mini which opened the ball in 2018, one year after the Astro City Mini, and while waiting for version V at the end of July, it is now possible to quench your thirst for retrogaming with the Egret II mini. Either the replica of a cult furniture of Japanese arcade rooms, and by Taito extension, one of the big names of the Nippon video game. Space Invaders, does it tell you something? If you answered in the affirmative, a priori, you were not too deceived or an article. Otherwise, this small terminal invites you to go up the thread of a small history of the Japanese video game from 1978 to 1995, and even a little further if you consent to an additional investment. Because it is a question of investing in view of the displayed rates.