Grand Theft Auto fans, or some grand theft auto fans, rather, think gta 6 is set in 1978 and may be revealed or subject to mockery today. Do not you think this? Do not worry, it’s not alone, but today we immerse ourselves in the latest speculations that circulate in parts of the Grand Theft Auto Community. Speculation comes by the way of the GTA and Reddit forums, where most GTA 6 is born speculation, and involves some dubious and cryptic teasing from a user of the first with some different alias but known on Twitter as the last fish dinner.

As has been transmitted in Redditesta Foros of GTA to a user with a reputation among some as “filter” and “privileged information” has been attributed «Goteandotake-Two Interactive (the parent company of Rockstar Games) acquired Zynga before it happened to Principles of this year. This same user also responded to a tweet from Universal Orlando Resort in January asking what year they would visit on a time machine, with “1978.” This was accompanied by “Join us” and an gta san andreas gif. This is where the speculation of the 1978 scenario comes into play, despite the reports of solid sources that affirm that the game is currently set. Where does a revelation on March 25 come into play? Well, also in January, they made a cryptic tuit on March 25.

So, if he still has his aluminum hat, the “filtration” of the acquisition of Zynga, in the eyes of some, he has given credibility to the user. Meanwhile, the cripical mockery of 1978 has been interpreted as a joke over the scene of GTA 6 and the equally cryptic Tweet of “March 25” has been taken as a possible disclosure date. Of course, it is March 25, and so far nothing has happened.

Update: Interestingly, while GTA 6 has not been revealed (not very surprising), Rockstar Games announced GTA +. In other words, it seems that there was something in the advance of “March 25,” what of course raises the question: Is there anything in the advancement of 1978?

Какой будет GTA 6 - игра столетия или шаг назад? Всё, что известно об игре

Continued original article: What makes this speculation particularly vague is the fact that the tweets that are used are vague. There is nothing in the Tweet of «1978» that insinues that it is the date of GTA 6. And there is nothing about the tweet of March 25 that suggests that it is a disclosure date for the game. However, today some grand theft auto fans woke up with a little more hope.

(Warning: Take it with a lot of salt) GTA 6 will be announced on March 25 and will begin in 1978? from

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