My Hero Academy is one of the most popular animes today, so it makes sense that the work of Kohei Horikoshi extends to other media, such as videogames and board games. In the past we already had a card game of this franchise, and now it revealed a completely new one known as My Hero Academy: Plus Ultra.

Plus Ultra will be a new board game that will be arriving at our hands this year for a suggested price of $ 29.99. We do not have many detail about your gameplay, but a version shown during EXPO range revealed cardboard figures of deku and your colleagues, as well as a board in which you could move these pieces. Additionally, each hero had his own letter where we could see some of him’s unique skills.

This new board game will be distributed by Jasco Games , who previously also launched the market My Hero Academy Collectible Card Game , which reached the hands of consumers in 2021. We will have to wait a while longer to have New details about plus ultra, but it certainly sounds like something that fans will want to have on their radar.


On related topics, it was announced that the new sleeve of My Hero Academy has been delayed and here you can know why. Similarly, you can see a look at the new suit you will use izuku in the sleeve.