In Kirby and the forgotten land there are many secrets to discover. While players achieve many secret goals by simply playing the game, there are some objects and areas that are well hidden from the most watchful discoverers. These secrets include the half rooms. These hidden areas were an integral part of the youngest Kirby games, and Forgotten land is no different. At least it’s easy to find the first half room if you know where to look for.

Half Moon Run - Full Circle (Official Video)

Where the first Hal room is in Kirby and the forgotten country

To get access to this secret place, players have to travel there Rocky Rolling Road , the third phase of Natural Plains. Here fans can play around with many new game mechanics. This includes the Ranger copying capability. This ability will prove crucial to hunting the player as it has to be taken until the end of the leg. Once you have passed the section where you use Mouthful mode, you are at the end of the leg. Instead of completing it, but jump to the top of the tree right. The camera pivots up and shows a hidden target far away in the distance. Shoot the goal with Ranger, and you will reveal a staircase that leads you to the HAL room!

There are no major requirements to access the room, except for the use of Ranger to destroy the goal. In this hidden area you can collect numerous star coins from the slide at the beginning and from the blocks from which the letters H, A and L are comprehensive. You also have access to ice, hammer, needle and tornado copying capabilities, so you can unlock them earlier than normal for personal use. If you are missing star coins, a renewed visit of this room can be a great way to get more!

Kirby and the forgotten land is an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch.

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