Online Entertainment Company HK Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd (Headquartered Hong Kong, HK Hero Entertainment) is a 3D action RPG for smartphones developed by Guangzhou Kuro Technology CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Guangzhou, KURO GAME), “Panistic “Gray Raven” (IOS version, Android version), informed: March 25, 2012 (Fri), January 25 (Fri) was notified to carry out a large update to “Ver. 2.3).

Online Entertainment Company HK Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd (Headquartered Hong Kong, HK Hero Entertainment) is a 3D action RPG for smartphones developed by Guangzhou Kuro Technology CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Guangzhou, KURO GAME), “Panistic : Gray Lebun “(IOS version, Android version), we will inform you about carrying out a large update to” Ver. 2.3 “on March 25, 2012 (Fri).

# Extra Hen “Vacular Noard” Open! ~ Whitefish fog, passion of the day ~

We will implement maintenance accompanying updates, and we will implement extra edition “vault nuds”, new characters, and other related content.

In addition, the Youtube official channel is currently publishing a new chapter PV. What is the relationship between the tragedy that happened with a certain mansion? What is the meaning of the words that the last appearing last? Please see the horror taste story.

# Update Description Overview

# # New A class structure “21 · XXI” appeared!

Cerberus team members ’21 · XXI’, who led Villa, play with A-class structure! In addition, new star 6 weapons are also implemented.

[21 and XXI] CV: Mizusosei Type: Structural Model: Armoroid Early Class: A Attribute Parameters: Dark 80% Physics 20% Former Dydurnos Experiment. Kurono was collected by the duty that was developed, and was assigned to the executive forces of the same aerial garden as the villa. Recognition for humans is vague and has a very dangerous aspect, such as fermentation in extreme examples.

«How to get»
Development room “Designated structure” can be discharged. The following period holds a pickup event where the appearance rate of “21 and XXI” is 100% when the A-class structure is discharged.

Pickup period: March 26, 2022 (Sat) 10: 00-2022, 201-28 (Thu) 4:59

# # New Stars 6 Weapons

Goro (“21, XXI” recommended weapon)

«How to get»

  1. “Basic weapon development” -February 25, 2012 (Fri) Emissions can be made after maintenance is completed.
  2. “Designated weapon development” -February 26, 2012 (Saturday) can be discharged from 10:00.

# # New painted stock!

Implemented dedicated paint with the implementation of “21-XXI”! In addition, exclusive coating and weapon painting of other structures have also been added newly.

※ We can obtain how to obtain for each painting. Please refer to the notification of the official site for details.
※ Some paint will be a limited time. Please note that it can not be obtained in the permanent store after the period ends.

[Painting lineup] 21th · XXI painting “Mechanical system red head” Luna · Silver crown SP coating “Badinon” Watanabe · Book of hook “Hook captain” Karenina · burning painting “Bady Love” Bianca · Truth SP painting ” “Reserve” (resale) Luna, Silver crowned weapon painting “Pokupine”

«How to get»
1. Store> Painting Store> Money Store & Design Diagram Sold in Store
2. Buy> Purchase> Sold by Supply Pack
3. Earn free of charge with event reward

# Extra edition “Meal Wedding” and Related Content Implemented

Extra edition “Writring of the mind” is published and new content is implemented. Some content and item rewards will be for a limited time, so please experience and get this opportunity.

Event holding period: March 25, 2022 (Fri) After maintenance is completed—28, 2022 (Fri) 5:00
※ The holding period and participation conditions differ depending on the content. For more information, please refer to the announcement of the game or official site.

# # 1) Extra edition “Mass”

Implement stories centered on “21 and XXI”. During the event period, you can experience it anytime if it is or more commander Lv40.

# # 2) Event item acquisition stage “old day nursery rhyme” & dedicated store “The window of remembers”

If you clear the stage, you can earn an event item “city flyer”. If each stage is cleared and accumulated separately, if you save up to a certain number, you can earn a buff such as a certain number of damage up (the buff effect is valid only in the stages of the old nursery rhyme ‘).

In addition, “city flyer” can be exchanged with items such as existing star 6 consciousness, development material, trust gift, etc. when collecting a fixed number of times.

[“Recollection window” exchangeable item] · Reverse source fragment -XXI × 30 (Replacement start from 10:00 on March 26, 2022, replaced by “21 · XXI”) · existing star 6 consciousness, development Material, trust gift, etc.

3) Link Dictionary

Challenge the stage using a fixed member. Three-step clear evaluation conditions are set for each stage, and rewards can be obtained according to the total number of stars that can be earned in the stage clear. The stage can be repeatedly challenged.

By strengthening the buff with experience points that can be acquired in the first clear of each stage, you can further advance the battle.

# # 4) Two simultaneous dispatching stages “spectroscopy”

Challenge the stage using a fixed member. Members that can be dispatched at each stage can be dispatched to two people, two people, fighting, and it is possible to switch the operation character at any time.

There are 10 stages, and the first half of the week is “normal mode”, and the second half will release “Challenge mode”.

# # 5) New reinforcement experience stage “Adaptive harmonization · Var”

It is an experience stage that can be operated by the new S-class accessory “Var”. You can experience Stories for Rosetta and Var.

# # 6) Event Limited Gacha Games “Energy Collection Operation SP”

It is a slot-style mini game (gacha) that wins items in the game using a dedicated item. You can earn a score by launching two types of slot machines.

If a certain number of scores are accumulated, it can be replaced with a reward such as a limited coating. “Button Battery” or “Button Battery SP” required to use the slot machine can be obtained with daily mission or “purchase”.

For more information on implementation content other than the above, please refer to the announcement of the game or official site.

# A story with a branch of a branch with YouTube is available!

YouTube official channels are now publishing videos that are currently on the main character of this update. The video is a story with a story branch, and you can watch different endings by the choice that appears at the end of the video. Please see all the endings.

※ It is a trademark or registered trademark of each company for the company name and service name described.

Title: “Panistic: Gray Raven” Genre: 3D Action RPG RPG-enabled Terminal: Android / iOS Price: Basic Play Free (With In-app charge) Operation: HK Hero Entertainment Co., LTD Delivery Date: December 2020 Four days

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# HK Hero Entertainment Introduction

HK Hero Entertainment is a Hong Kong corporation of Hero Entertainment Co., LTD (here, Hero Entertainment), Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd., Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 2015, Hero Entertainment has been developing and publishing for smartphones and developing businesses in China and around the world, including We listed on Exchange and Quotations, commonly known as Neeq).

In addition, we will develop businesses that were examined in view of overseas expander than in the establishment, and start “Art of War: Red Tides” selected as “Recommended apps” in 154 countries and region, “CRISISION”, “PHANTOM” Blade2 “,” Ichigo Adventure “is distributed worldwide, and we have won more than 400 million users.

In August 2018, we will start delivery of a training type strategy simulation game application “Shin Sangoku” developed based on the supervision of Games, Corporation, Inc. 5th place, Google Play Download Ranking ranked 3rd place, I am very well received by the “Recommended game” of Google Play.

Hero Entertainment has established a local subsidiary in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan except China’s continents, and under the management philosophy of “Unlock Your Vision and Mind”, we will continue to deliver high quality online content for customers worldwide. We will actively promote overseas publishing businesses.