Franklin on things he would change about Grand Theft Auto 5 (Part 12)
Grand Theft Auto V Actor Shawn Fonteno has revealed what would change from Rockstar’s criminal epic. It is difficult to say grand theft auto v needs many changes since it is one of the most acclaimed games of all time and has managed to sell more than 160 million copies in less than a decade. Its immense success has allowed Rockstar to continue with the impulse in three generations of consoles and PC, and the developer regularly adds new updates to _GTA online. Although the last remastery for Xbox Series X | S and PS5 is a marginal update, it is still a fun way to experience a fantastic game.

However, Shawn Fontene revealed what would change from the game in a new interview with saying cheese! To promote the new book of it. Fontene played Franklin and pointed out that he may make Franklin a little more aggressive. There were times when he tried to make Franklin had a rapture with characters like Trevor or Lamar, but Rockstar told him to do it because he was not suitable for the character. Franklin is the most sensible character of the game and Fontene attributes it to the fact that Franklin wants to ascend in life and knows that he has to deal with the blows to get there.

While it would probably have been fun to equalize the energy of the other actors in the game, it is clear that Fontene understands the importance of Franklin’s arch and knows what is needed to achieve it. It can be said that Franklin is the most successful character of the game, since he is the only one who stays alive in each end and has a successful celebrity arrangement agency in gta online. It is difficult to imagine that Franklin has almost the same success if he was as explosive as Trevor or Michael, but the latter also became a films producer.

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