In a series of tweets, changes were announced on the rotation of the portal mode in Battlefield 2042.

Ripple Effect Studios is responsible for the mode in which players can play cards, modes and weapons and vehicles from previous parts of the series and can edit the server settings themselves.

Already a weekly reset tomorrow’s Thursday, some changes come into force.

So it will give instead of 5 only 3 “Featured Experiences”. This will focus more on the presented gaming experiences.

Already on Thursday, the three players’ experiences 2042 TDM, 1942 VS 2042 conquest and Rush Hardcore are the focus. In addition, these experiences with Monday and Thursday in the future rot twice a week, rather than just once.

Portal Modes will be reduced in Battlefield 2042!
On top of that, there will be the “Friday Night Battlefield Experience” every Friday. It takes 24 hours in portal mode and will provide additional weekly players.