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\ – Wonderful Planget, Metabus Substratology RPG CBT progress from today to April 4

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\ – CBT Duration Depending on the opinions received on the period

\ – Confirmed the participation of participating in the game’s volume ‘s volume. Creators and various collars scheduled

Wonder Planet, which deploy entertainment services business, is a mobile game that spreads the virtual space ‘Alice’ on stage (28th), which will be held for a total of 4 days from 12:00 today (28th). Officially announced.

Wonderful Flax Side plans to commit the best efforts to modify and complement various game related issues such as the system and balance adjustment, server load, based on the comments and latitude of the CBT period. Through this, the formal service that is scheduled to be in the summer is a policy to show off one-step improved gameability.

In addition, to commemorate the CBT held and participated in the user, the ‘survey participation campaign’ will also proceed to convey the meaning of gratitude. It is a way to check the settings and feelings of the various contents, game systems, and the set of girl characters, which will be released during the CBT period, and that the user feels the settings and feelings of the girl character, and participate in the questionnaire, proceed with the lottery to present the cultural gift certificates Is expected.

In addition, the Popular Music Groups of Japan, which consisted of a vocalist meek and wrapper rowat, is a popular music group Fantastic Youth, which is called “Rainy Reality Escape”, which is a Korean-style cover song that aims to aimed at the Korean Subrensu Mania, which is aimed at the domestic subcrucial entry. As part of the participation of music creators ‘Dazvid’ as part of the improvement of this, it was confirmed.

Dazvens is a lively music artist, as a music artist, which is a female singer who boasts more than 800,000 YouTube channel registrants. Her transparent ringing tones and a unique while, the inhabited window, and the delicate expression method is firmly built her own world with her charm to build a global fan floor, including Korea, Japan, and exceeding her cover limits. It is growing as an artist that produces itself as a rehabilitation. On March 2, she succeeded in her major debut through Universal Music.

The company said, “Following the Fantastic Youth, Esti × Dazvor’s College of Esti is finally established, and the ears and ears of users who experience the are all equipped with each of the eyes and ears of the users.” Representative famous illustrations, artists, such as artists, and various collateral and various collateral services will be held on a customized service for Korean users. “

The will defeat the newly meta bus, the New York Genre RPG genre, and the user must dig the cause of the virtual space that is located on the main activity stage of the game. In this process, we must solve the false destination of the fate of the fate of the fate that is complicated by attractively colored beautiful girl characters, or through scheduled encounters.

On the other hand, from today, CBT, CBT, including the CBT Issues, including various game information and community, can be confirmed by the official café of .