How many of you know Uncharted: Fortune Hunter? The mobile game is probably most uncharted fans even most uncharted fans and so the following announcement is little surprising: Naughty Dog switches off the servers. In addition, Uncharted: Fortune Hunter disappears from the app stores.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter officially no longer available

Playstations Action brand Uncharted maintains fans not only on the Sony consoles and recently also in the cinema, but also on the smartphone – if you can inspire yourself for simple puzzle tasks. Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is a puzzle adventure for Android and iOS , in which you would have to find lost treasures as Nathan Drake. In over 200 levels you plan your trains on square surfaces, masters obstacles and gives way to fatal cases. Does not sound as exciting as Fieslingen’s falling on a falling ship? That also sees Naughty Dog like that.

On his official Twitter account, the developer reports the server shutdown of the mobile game . From now on, it is no longer possible to make in-game purchases such as treasure tickets or orbs. In addition, Uncharted: Fortune Hunter both from the Android Store and the Apple App Store .

Owner of Uncharted: Fortune Hunter continues to play the game in offline mode . All others have to look for Apple’s and Androids Store to download the game.

Reaction of players: “Never heard of it”

Under the Twitter Post, many stunned players find themselves, because most was the existence of Uncharted: Fortune Hunter previously unknown. The user _ @ zbrag101_ writes, for example: “Moment times, why do I hear from this game for the first time?”

The user _ @ oliverhodd_ finds a pity that the server shutdown came without warning . “A date for the attitude would have given the people the opportunity to try the game still.”

In addition to amazement and indifference, a user still brings up an important question. Because in Uncharted: Fortune Hunter calls you Cosmetic items for the multiplayer of Uncharted 4 unlock. “Can we no longer unlock these cosmetic items for the uncharted 4 multiplayer?”

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It remains to be seen if Naughty Dog makes these items from the mobile game and makes it different differently in the multiplayer or they are actually denied forever.