Gravity adds a number of new content to MMORPG Lagranoque Origin on 30th. The update includes new classes, new regions, new mythical appearances, new content, and collaboration.

The new class is a thief, the secondary ‘log’ and the third ‘stalker’, and the dagger and bow blades are used as a main meal, and it is characterized by being able to attack both near and near. Heating, weapons, and armor dismantling, raids, and robbery, etc., such as a variety of skills, such as a variety of skills, such as a variety of skills, or they can overcome the enemies to unexpected timing in PVP with other users.

New system free former and character name change are also added. Freedom before updating the job per account per account is used to change the job change in the job, or if you purchase free-of-life rights in the RO shop. Changes in character name can be used to consume.

how to make an origin account (2020)

In addition to this, New Area Comodo beaches, new dungeon states, new dungeons, new dungeons, and Lava collaboration costumes and pets are added together.

Ragnarok Origin Lee Hee-su, a large-scale update, “he said,” New classes, new regions, and dungeons, free former rights, and Lava collaboration, and a large-scale update to provide more fun to users with colorful content. I said, “I ask you for your interest and love.” In addition, Gravity proceeds from March 30 to 4 of the update commemorative events from April 24).

For more information, see Ragnarok Origin Official Pages.