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TSG Hoffenheim – SC Freiburg 3: 4: Freiburgs Champions League

After another brilliant idea, SC Freiburg has its sights on the first participation in the Champions League. The cup finalist won 4: 3 (1-1) at TSG Hoffenheim on the 32nd matchday of the Bundesliga. The Breisgauer, at least temporarily, conquered fourth place.

Christian Streich heard each of his protégés, then he released them to the mega party in front of the 4,000 traveled and completely euphoric Freiburg fans. While sung in the curve by the DFB Cup and the German championship, the SC coach stuck relaxed and satisfied after the 4: 3 (1: 1) in the excessive Baden duel at TSG Hoffenheim-the club from the Breisgau is allowed dream of the Champions League.

Only prank braked when looking at the table. “This has no relevance because there are still games on Monday,” said the SC coach at Sky. Meanwhile, his protégés enjoyed the moment. “It is incredible to win here. There is nothing better for us,” said Captain Christian Günter: “The pressure was already there for a bit, so it’s all the more beautiful. We work to have a final in Leverkusen on the last match day. If you play such a season, it must be our goal to have the greatest possible success. “

Due to the success, the Breisgauer, at least temporarily, conquer the important fourth place. Lucas Höler also satisfied this: “It was very emotional, luckily we brought it over time. Overall, we are the deserved winner.”

Roland Sallai (23rd), Günter (50th), Höler (70th) and Woo-Yeong Jeong (73.) met for the Freiburger, who are one point ahead of RB Leipzig. The fifth has to go to Borussia Mönchengladbach on Monday. The TSG is still on a downfield and has finally lost sight of the European Cup after seven games without a win. The goals of Andrej Kramaric (32nd), Angelo Stiller (49.) and Sebastian Rudy (84.) also changed that.

In front of 23,627 spectators in Sinsheim, the Hoffenheimers determined the initial phase. After a mistake by the Freiburg defender Manuel Gulde, TSG striker Star Kramaric changed the first opportunity (7th).

The Freiburgers, who had to do without Yannik Keitel, Kevin Schade and Noah Weißhaupt, only got into the game. In the game forward, the Breisgauer hardly produced anything, the otherwise strong outside players were not only valid. The three series in defense did not work really well either.

Despite the problems in all areas, the team of coach Christian Streich took the lead through the first successful offensive campaign. After preparatory work by Höler, the Hungarian Sallai gave the former SC goalkeeper Oliver Baumann no chance.

SC Freiburg turns the game

Following the tour, the guests briefly took command, but the Hoffenheimers marked the goal. After a cross of international David Raum, the Croatian vice world champion Kramaric was on hand. It was only the fifth goal of the attacker who had been criticized in the past few weeks.

In the 39th minute, the Austrian Christoph Baumgartner missed the opportunity for the second goal for the hosts, in which Ermin Bicakcic, Benjamin Hübner, Marco John, Havard Nordtveit, Stefan Posch and Chris Richards were missing.

At the beginning of the second round, Streich switched from a triple to a chain of four and brought his superjoker Nils Petersen. The measure initially backfired. Stiller met after preliminary work by Kramaric. However, the SC was only shocked for a few seconds, captain Günter immediately equalized.

After the two early goals in the second half, the encounter really picked up speed. Both teams played with an open visor for victory. Höler (62nd) missed the best chance in this phase.

Shortly afterwards, the Hoffenheimer Diadie Samassekou was very lucky that he didn’t see the yellow-red card (69.). Höler uses the due free kick. It was already the 24th standard gate of the Freiburger, which thus lead the league. Shortly thereafter, South Korean Jeong increased. Rudy once again caused excitement.

TSG Hoffenheim – SC Freiburg: The voices

Sebastian Hoeneß (coach TSG Hoffenheim) : “I saw a lot of good things. I saw courage and passion. But if you concede four goals, it will be difficult to score. The 2-2 was the sticking point. It is extremely bitter and hurts. “

Christian Streich (coach SC Freiburg) : “Hoffenheim surprised with the chain of four. They played very well at the beginning. But our boys remained calm. The team inspired me with their mentality.”

TSG Hoffenheim – SC Freiburg: The constellations

Hoffenheim: Baumann – Kaderabek (89. Bruun Larsen), Akpoguma (89th Adams), Vogt, Raum – Samassekou (72nd Skov) – Baumgartner (65th Rudy), Stiller – Bebou, Dabbur (65. Rutter ), Kramaric. – Trainer: Hoeneß

Freiburg: Flekken – Gulde (46. Petersen), Lienhart, Schlotterbeck – Kübler (90.+4 Sildillia), Maximilian Eggestein, Höfler, Günter – Sallai (71st Jeong), Höler (71. Demirovic), Grifo
(88. Schmid).
– Trainer: Streich
Referee: Marco Fritz (basket)

TSG Hoffenheim - SC Freiburg | 3-4 | Highlights | Matchday 32 – Bundesliga 2021/22
Tore: 0: 1 Sallai (23rd), 1: 1 Kramaric (32nd), 2: 1 Stiller (49.), 2: 2 Günter (50th), 2: 3 Höler (70.)
, 2: 4 Jeong (73.), 3: 4 Rudy (84.)
viewer : 23.627
Yellow card: Samassekou (6) –

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* The Bundesliga on Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN – register now!

Pokemon GO Community Day im Mai: Featured Attack, Special Research & Boni

Since May is on the way, we look forward to seeing that Pokémon Go brings something with May community day comes soon. Similar to the previous Stufful Community Day , you can see special attacks, bonuses, shiny Pokémon and more that are waiting for you. Here is everything that is currently known about the May Community Day event.

Template for the Community Day in May

May takes place at the Community Day 21. May 2022 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time . Although you only have a few hours to enjoy this event, you can complete everything it has and still have time to continue your Pokemon hunting adventure. With this special community day you go looking for the appearance Alolan Geodude.

Can Alolan Geodude be shiny?

Yes! If you are lucky during this event, you may come across a shiny Alolan geodude , these are news that will make each of the Shiny Hunters as happy as a cloyster! With the Community Day events, these Pokémon appear much more often, which increases the likelihood of bumping on one thing that is brilliant.

May Community Day even bonuses and bundles

Fortunately, after you have caught your Alolan Geodude there are still many things to do during this event, such as:

  • 3x Star dust to catch Pokémon
  • 2x chance to get Geodude XL-Bonbons when you catch Alolan Geodude
  • Lock modules that are activated during the event last three hours
  • An additional special trade can be made for the day during the event and up to two hours later
  • 2x candies to catch Pokémon
  • Incense that is activated during the event lasts for three hours
  • Make snapshots during the Community Day for a surprise
  • Trades that are made during the event and up to two hours afterwards require 50 % less stardust

And if you play in a group, you will also unlock additional bonuses:

  • If enough Pokémon are caught with the help of a single bait module, the 3-fold Catch Stardust bonus for coaches near the curly pokestop for 30 minutes becomes a 4-fold bonus

See also

Pokemon Go Stufful Community Day Guide: Event Move, bonuses and more

So there are many different things that happen during this event to keep the players happy! Fortunately, players who do not want to invest money can also raise a claim 30 ultra -baths from the shop at a small price of f Ree!


May Community Day special research history

You will also be able to accept a new one Special research history: a rocky path for the costs of 1.00 USD , where you can access the exclusive research event! These come together with every community event so that you can try some news every month. In a new turn of events, you will also be able to give away a ticket to a friend ** so that you can accompany you on this trip!

Alolan Geodude exclusive attack

Finally, if you have done everything correctly and further developed Alolan Geodude in Alolan Golem During this event or up to two hours later you will receive an exclusive call for attack for quick attacks . With this mighty attack you can quickly generate energy 4 power during trainer fights and 14 during arena fights and raids. Its speed makes this attack so devastating, and it will be in the game for the first time!

And we know that from Newn Mai community day event! Make sure you turn on 21. May 2022 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time to take part in this event and get exclusive offers that you do not want to miss!

Pokémon Go is now available on all mobile devices.

Attack of the fanboy / player / Pokemon Go Community Day in May: Featured Attack, Special Research & Boni

WhatsApp before the end? New digital

A new EU law could be devastating for WhatsApp. Will the messenger soon be banned?

Dortmund – The large companies are getting bigger and bigger, especially on the Internet, while smaller corporations are often forgotten. There are actually many alternatives to the Messenger WhatsApp, such as Telegram or Threema, but the Meta (Facebook) app seems to have a monopoly. New digital laws for the EU should change that soon.

WhatsApp soon banned in Germany? New law applies

The laws and rules in the EU have no longer grown to the digital world, i.e. the Internet-at least the impression that the EU Commission proposed a large digital law package as early as December. At the end of March, such a law on digital markets was finally determined by EU institutions.

In the future, a law on digital markets (DMA) and one via digital services (DSA) should ensure more security online. While the DMA is supposed to limit the market power of digital giants such as Google, Facebook (Meta) and Amazon, the DSA is more devoted to social issues such as dealing with illegal content on the Internet. The latter is currently being negotiated even more precisely between the EU institutions, as reported, among other things, T3N.

New EU law for Facebook, WhatsApp and Co.: It gets easier for users

In principle, tech giants such as Meta or Google must adhere to certain prohibitions and specifications in the future. The companies should not be allowed to expand their position of power too much. For users, this means that pre -installed apps on end devices can be deleted more easily in the future and default settings can be changed faster.

In addition, clear user consent is to be introduced in several places. If a user does not agree, certain services should still remain usable. “This creates real alternatives between ‘paying with all data’ or not being able to use any services,” said the CDU member Andreas Schwab (CDU). He negotiated the DMA for the parliament.

However, child and youth protection has not yet been tightened in the DMA. There is currently no flat -rate ban on personalized advertising for this target group. In the DSA, this is exactly what is planned according to T3N (read more news about digital at DMA).

More competition for WhatsApp? EU law pushes Messenger into the corner

The new digital laws are particularly interesting: Messenger WhatsApp is also treated more strictly as the market leader. However, this could have many advantages for users. Because the app must also open up to other, smaller services in the future. In theory, users of messengers such as Signal or Threema could then also send messages and photos to their friends who only use WhatsApp.

However, the smaller companies decide whether they want this link at all. Basically, it would no longer be necessary for users to install WhatsApp to communicate with all friends.

A big disadvantage: This function should not be available for group chats for the time being. In order to ensure adequate security standards, this is planned very well in the future, says Schwab. In Group chats from WhatsApp there are other new functions. However, WHATSApp is currently also warned of a Milka fraud stitch, as* reports.

Doubt Delivered

More WhatsApp functions for users: New EU law probably only in 2024

But when exactly does the DMA come into force? The agreement must still be confirmed by the Council of the EU countries and the European Parliament-however, this step is considered a pure formal. Then the new digital laws must be published in the EU’s official gazette and then come into force 20 days later. That could happen in early 2023. After that, a transition period of six months applies.

Afterwards, the tech giants have another six months, the DMA requirements also implement-then it could be in 2024. However, the corporations also have concerns. For example, Apple expressed concern that some DMA’s regulations could create unnecessary data protection and security gaps for users. The new regulations do not yet seem to be completely in dry cloths. *DMA is like part of the editorial network

Rubric list picture: © Nurphoto/BihlmayerFotography/Imago

Fortnite Dead Drop Location: Wo kann man Insider

Secure Insider Intel from a Dead Drop - Fortnite Resistance Quests
While playing through the latest chapter for fourteen days you will be commissioned to accept some challenges to help in your epic search against the IO forces **. You have to help you with a wealth of things, and if you have played since the beginning of the chapter, you have taken over some powerful roles to help you prevent a catastrophic event.

However, some of these quests can be somewhat challenging, especially if you try to ward off other players and NPC characters who do not shy away from anything to bring them down. This week we helped you to find out where you have to set up which Enlightenment cameras to find out what the IO forces are up to, and now we will help you to find the location of the location Dead drop, to secure insider information! Let us go into it directly!

Fortnite-Where you can secure insider information in front of a Dead Drop

At the beginning of the game, you should make sure that you are nearby Chonkers Speedway and equip yourself with weapons and ammunition to ensure that you can defend yourself and win when someone is doing their best to do it To bring.

If you are looking for this place, you should also look for one of the best auto mods in the game, the cow catcher . Since this is a race track, you should be able to find a large selection of it together with many different vehicles that you can use for your future activities in this Battle Royale.

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Fortnite: Where to collect omni chips at Rocky Reels

After you have received your weapons, ammunition and possibly a vehicle, you should make your way to the Ost, from the lowest building in this place, and you will see a large number of see Fracht Container Find a light Dead drop box. If you are in front of this box, you just have to press and hold Action button for a few moments, and you will open it and complete this quest and earn a nice one Add 23,000 EP to the next level fight pass **.

If you have completed all of your quests for this week, you have a whole series of new quests in which you can participate in trying to unlock the new ones Prowler-Skin to ensure that you are before the end of this Demand the battle pass. Fortunately, they still have a little time before everything is complete.

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Attack of the fanboy / player / Fortnite Dead Drop Location: Where can you secure insider information from a Dead Drop?

Open World Scandinavian mythology survival “VALHEIM” has exceeded 10 million. Achieving a large mile stone during early access distribution

Coffee Stain Publishing announced on April 25 that the sales of “ Valheim ” had exceeded 10 million. The title, which continues early access distribution since 2021, has achieved a maid milestone without waiting for the official release.

“Valheim” is a survival game on the theme of Scandinavian mythology and buffet, which is being distributed early for PCs on Steam. The goal is to bring order to the chaotic world while defeating the nemesis for Odin, the main god Odin. The world of this work is automatically generated (procedural), with mysterious forests, snow covered with snow, and beautiful pastures. Players are searching for wildlife and fighting legendary creatures. There are also architectural elements such as housing and bases, and huge houses, farms, outlets, castles, etc. can be created. You can also play CO-OP play and PVP for up to 10 people.

This work has been talked about mainly on word -of -mouth since the early access distribution started in February 2021, and recorded the number of simultaneously connected players of more than 500,000 at the peak (Steamdb). In March of the same year, he had already achieved 6 million sales. After a year and one month, he has achieved sales to add 4 million more. Even today, about 15,000 to 25,000 users are always accessing and are stable and popular. At the Steam Ste Review, more than 290,000 reviews were collected at the time of this writing, and the status was “overwhelmingly popular.”

How Much Money Do Indie Games Make? [2021]

“VALHEIM” is still vigorously updated, and the latest patches have just been distributed on April 11. The update eliminates a problem that sometimes the troll is irritating. In addition, there was a correction related to the map, and a map icon deletion function was set on the LB (L1) button of the game pad. In addition, some fixes have been made for Frost Cave.

In addition, the bug caused when poses under specific conditions have been revised. Also, when upgrading, I began to memorize the selected objects. In high -resolution, a defect that the number of split stacks may not be displayed has been corrected. At the same time, bugs also fix bugs that sometimes do not consume the right number of coal. The problem that some items are not covered with snow have been revised.

As for the easy -to -play -related adjustment, the selection marker of the hot bar was adjusted so that it could be easily visible even on a bright background while using the game pad. In addition, the console command “ResetSharedmap” has been added, and various development commands have been improved. In addition, when purchasing items from a merchant on a game pad, they will not be purchased twice, and the interface will be improved. Tips for keyboards and game pads have been added to the inventory screen. When picking up the tombstone, it has been improved that the items are automatically organized, and there is a problem that the tombstones cannot be collected at Swamp TreeS.

“VALHEIM” is being distributed to PC on Steam. The price is 2050 yen.

Diablo Immortal: an exit date and a big surprise for the Hackn Slash of Blizzard!

Announced in 2018, Diablo Immortal will be the first incursion of the mobile license. Players can already pre-register, but we were still waiting for an exit date. Be reassured if you were waiting for this new presentation because we had this date but not only, far from it.


Very coldly welcomed by a community that first awaited an ad concerning Diablo IV, Diablo Immortal has gradually able to reassure ** players over the presentations.

Hell will unleash before the summer

Blizzard has presented a real slash hack’n, adapted to the mobile market and the practice of video game on smartphone and tablets. Wyatt Cheng gave us an appointment on Monday at 13:30 for additional information.

The suspense did not last long since the new trailer, we learned that The title will be available June 2 all over the world with the exception of certain Asian regions, where he will arrive a few weeks later.

Diablo Immortal is not just a mobile game!

But, what we had not seen coming is that Diablo Immortal will not only come out on iOS and Android. The Game Director of the game has indeed announced that the title will also be available on PC via an open beta , with a total integration of the Cross-Play and cross-progress **.

The idea? Allow players to play anywhere in Diablo, then a play a little more comfortable once returned home, or enjoy _ “that you have a laptop” , as indicated by Malicious Wyatt Cheng, with reference to his unhappy phrase ** pronounced during the blizzcon _ “You do not have a smartphone guys?” .

Our goal has always been to offer a Diablo AAA experience on mobile. It is the largest and most ambitious diablo game so far. It will benefit from a developed social aspect, elaborate skills trees (…)

However, do not deceive yourself, Diablo Immortal is first a mobile game, which is then worn on PC . But Wyatt Cheng we promise it, the current phones offering very high resolution, it should not swear on PC. Immortal Diablo having been thought for mobile and tactile controls , it was necessary to adapt the commands for the PC.

Diablo Immortal RELEASE DATE and more
The hand holder will soon be integrated at the game, and we will find the classic combo keyboard / mouse combo . The small novelty is that players will also be able to move using the ZQSD keys, which is a first because the movements were previously at the mouse only.


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Angel Games, Gods Top M: Great Journeys achieving the first place

Top 10 Best RPG Games For Android & iOS Of 2021 [ARPG/RPG/MMORPG]

[Data provided: Angel Games]

\ – Popular in Google Play Store and Apple App Store

\ – 1st place achievement commemorative coupon payment

Angel Games’ New Mobile RPG This was said that this was ranked first in popular game rankings in the domestic Google Play Store and Apple App Store on the 23rd.

The previous is the first place for the Apple App Store in 6 hours on the last 19th download.

The Top M> received a lot of attention as a game that shares the worldview and story of the webtone of the webtoon of 4.5 billion views worldwide, I am receiving.

In particular, users can feel the fun of the story of the story in the game, the “Twenty Fifth Night” of the story, adventually adventually adventually adventually adventually adventually adventually adventured and acquiring the various and attractive characters of the original.

Angel Gel Games presents a coupon to get a “legendary character confirmation” to all users to commemorate the top of the two market tops.

Meanwhile, the Angel Games’ Top M: The Great Journeys> and the events for the event can be found through the Top M official café.

PLAYSTATION PLUS PREMIUM: The 1st PSONE, PS2 and PSP games on the run, largely excluded to the program

You are not without knowing (finally, perhaps) that the PLAYSTATION PLUS will evolve in June to offer three levels, the last one will give access to a lot of Old-School games. Today, some of them could be seen and they all come from an old Saga PlayStation, formerly a reference.


Syphon Filter back

Sony still keeps the secret on the game catalog that will propose to all subscribers of the Playstation Plus Premium, the last degree of subscription of the Japanese giant online service. It is known that it will consist of PS4 and PS5 titles, but also of PS3 Softs (via the cloud) but also PS2, PSONE and PSP (it will be possible to download): Brief, what to bring back great classics for the happiness of the most nostalgic.

However, the indefatigable classification body of South Korea (their equivalent of the pegi, by home) has just let a handful of softs appear, listed on PS4 but coming well from the first consoles PlayStation… the Syphon Filter. * * It was once great references to the action and infiltration game as well as exclusives developed by Sony Bend, the authors of Uncharted Golden Abyss or, more recently, Days G1. Here are the titles concerned and which are therefore likely to appear in the PlayStation Plus Premium (with trophies, sudden?) : **

  • Syphon Filter _ (PlayStation, 1999) _
  • Syphon Filter 2 _ (PlayStation, 2000) _
  • Syphon Filter: DARK MIRROR _ (PSP, 2006 / PS2, 2007) _
  • Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow _ (PSP and PS2 / 2007) _

Alas, Some games of the series still miss the callyphon filter 3 call, released at the time on PSONE in 2001 OuSyphon Filter The Omega Strain , published in 2004 on PS2. Maybe they will be integrated as well.

All about the new PlayStation More

As early as the month of June, The PlayStation Plus will experience a restructuring, including by absorbing the PlayStation Now. Here are the three subscriptions it will propose, each with specific advantages:


  • Online game
  • Several games (from two to three per month generally) included to download
  • Discounts on purchases
  • Backups in the cloud


  • 8.99 € for a month
  • 24.99 € for three months (ie 8.33 € per month)
  • 59.99 € for twelve months (less than 5 € per month)

Subscribe 1 year to PlayStation + for 59 €


  • Online game
  • Several games included in addition to download
  • Discounts on purchases
  • Backups in the cloud
  • 400 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games for download (distribution still unspecified)


  • 13.99 € for a month

Fix PPSSPP plays psp games Can't play Play playstation 1 or 2 game
* 39.99 € for three months (ie 13.33 € per month)
* 99.99 € for twelve months (a little over € 8 per month)


  • Online game
  • Several games included in addition to download
  • Discounts on purchases
  • Backups in the cloud
  • 400 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games for download (distribution still unspecified)
  • PSP, PlayStation and PS2 games for download
  • These same PSP games, original Playstation, PS2, but also PS3 and PS4 streaming
  • Limited time access to the latest AAA games (a priori on the day of their release)

PlayStation Plus Premium: Rates

  • 16.99 € for a month
  • 49.99 € for three months (a little over 16 € per month)
  • 119.99 € for twelve months (a little less than 10 € per month)

This page contains affiliated links to some products that JV has selected for you. Each purchase you make by clicking on one of these links will not cost you more, but the e-merchant will return a commission. Learn more.


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