Data Source – Intel Graphics Official YouTube

Graphics card for Intel’s desktop, ARC’s first official video was released. ‘Intel ARC Limited Edition Graphics Card’ will be released in the summer of 2022 this year. However, the specifications and prices, and other details have not yet been disclosed.

Today, the product, which was released to the announcement of Intel GPUs released today, is the product that many fans in the world were expected. “Hardware experts, who felt sorry for the Rumor,” which will only announce the GPU of the notebook in the spring of 2022, “he was interested in the product.

Intel GPUs have Arrived!

There are many interesting interpretations because of the graphics card that is gathering anticipation around the world. Formally released is the only video of a minute, but it is a variety of foreigner “four hit pipes, four DP terminals and one HDMI”, “,”, “,”, “, the secondary power connector is not visible. In other words, It is guessed that this product will be emitted as “,” This product will be an unemployment type. I am also amplifying expectations by “I can expect higher products”.

Meanwhile, after the official declaration of entry into the GPU market in Intel, it was the first to announce the ARC3, an advertised graphics card, an advertising type graphics card for a notebook on March 31, and released the Intel Arc Control, which is an Intel’s exclusive utility. It is scheduled to be introduced as Ark 5 and Arc 7 in the future, and it is notifying Intel’s PC graphics card, and strengthening its own portfolio.