There are new cosmetics for Blizzard’s hero shooter and we can not wait to close it and unlock the new set of Owatch Anniversary Remix event skins – it may not be brand new designs, but they are among the most popular skins of the last five ( And a bit) years.

With the focus of the OverVATCH development team on the continuation of the game and the fast approaching beta release date of Owatch 2, according to the community manager of Owatch Andy Belford fans receive a new kind of seasonal event for next year – something that Everything celebrates what we have seen so far in Overwatch instead of bringing something new to the table.

The Overwatch Anniversary Remix Event Skins are in addition to the recurring brawls a large part of the upcoming event, and we have a fantastic view of the cosmetic items that you may be able to add below to your herdengalerie. Of course, you do not have to spend your Overwatch coins – but you look great.

OverVATCH Anniversary Remix Event Skins

Blizzard has confirmed that six remixed legendary skins will be available during the Overwatch Anniversary Remix Events – and another three skins will be available through event challenges in the game.

We do not know which skins will be available through event challenges in the game, but here’s a look All new Owatch Anniversary Remix Event Skins:

  • Magician mercy (Remixed Witch Mercy Skin)
  • Stahlhard Reinhardt (Remixed Blackhardt Reinhardt Skin)

Overwatch - NEW ANNIVERSARY REMIX SKINS AND EVENT (Anniversary Remix Event!)
* Demon Genji (Remixed Oni Genji-Skin)
* Eternal Reaper (Remixed Nevermore Reaper Skin)
* White Cat D.VA (Remix of Black Cat D. VA)
* Zealer Zenyatta (Remixed Cultist Zenyatta Skin)

Interested in some of them? The following teaser video allows you to watch the new skins better:


Play with 6 remixed legendary skins around the victory. Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol. 1 starts on April 5!

  • Overwatch (@PlayoverWatch) 31. March 2022

Well, these are all Owatch Anniversary Remix event skins that we know so far – we will update this article with all challenge skins that you can unlock in the game as soon as this information is available.

At the moment it was known that you can unlock the Nano D.VA Skin by playing 27 games between 5 and 11 April.

Take a look at the latest information about the release date of the Overwatch Anniversary Remix events – and inform yourself about everything you need to know about Overwatch ranking lists. It can not hurt to be prepared.