PS plus Essential, PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, so are the three subscription variants that you can complete in the future with a PS4 or PS5. But for which animal, for which rank you will decide in the future? In our Premium survey, we want to find out and would be huge as you justify your decision in the comments.

The offer PS plus Essential, Extra and Premium

So that you are up to date, here again in a compact form all contents of the individual variants:

PS Plus Essential

  • 3 monthly “free” games: 2x ps4, 1x ps5
  • Online multiplayer
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Cloud storage
  • PS Plus Collection (on PS5)


PS plus extra

  • All essential advantages
  • Catalog of 400 ps4 and PS5 games

PS plus premium

  • All essential advantages
  • Catalog from PS4 and PS5 games
  • Catalog of PS1, PS2 and PSP games
  • PS3 catalog via Cloud Streaming
  • PlayStation Library Via Cloud Streaming
  • Trial versions of AAA games

Which subscription variant will you use?

Are you staying at the standard subscription, is essential? Or are you interested in the game libraries, with which you get to release the service access to either 400 games (PS plus extra) or 740 games (PS plus premium)?

As usual, we will evaluate the survey in the coming days including your comments and are already very curious how many of the Premium Community will use the offer of Extra and Premium.

All information about restructuring PS Plus and PS Now

In a review, we have summarized everything important about the realignment of PS plus. In the article you will also find info from an interview with CEO Jim Ryan, which we could lead to the end of past week.

Other important information and articles around PS Plus: In his column, colleague Tobi writes why Sony’s Service can not be Xbox Game pass killer. Aziza also reveals a fourth PS plus variant that does not exist in Germany.