Devolver Digital announces “ Return to Monkey Island ” on April 5th. It announced that it will be released within 2022. This work will be the sequel to the “Monkey Island” series of the point & click adventure master. It is said that the original staff will re-assemble, including Ron Gilbert, who is the leading parent of the series of series. Development of approval from LucasFilm Games, which holds the same IP. The Japanese version is scheduled to be distributed simultaneously with the release by the translation by the bridge games.

“Monkey Island” is a point & click type adventure game launched from Lucasarts (Lucasfilm Games) in 1990. The player will be a protagonist Gebrush Sleepwood, a pirate’s Caribbean Sea, and explores the fictional islands. The game system speaks, selects a verb command such as taking, and selects the target.

In addition, as an adventure game at that time, a system has been adopted that the player character does not die almost no action in this work. Besides that, it is a work that has a tasteful influence element or a sharp joke that breaks the fourth wall, and is a work with high praise with music and graphics. Sometimes it is a game that has been adopted to choose conversation options from a breakthrough, a breakthrough.

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The new work “Return to Monkey Island” is developed by reincaring the original staff at that time. The story seems to be the sequel to “Monkey Island” and “Monkey Island 2 Le Chuck Counterattack” that Ron Gilbert worked. As the original staff, Mr. Gilbert, as well as Dave Grossman, Michael Land, who is a composer, Michael Land, who is a composer, and Mr. Michael McConnell, who is a composer, and CLINT Bajakian.

Mr. Tim Schafer, who was involved in the game design scenario with Ron, Mr. Dave, does not participate in the development of this work. He is currently a CEO of Double Fine Productions, and it is also related to such circumstances. In the trailer image, a metametasian syncal joke was jumping out, saying, “Ron Gilbert says that Ron Gilbert never made a new monkey island.” In addition, the initial two works are remake version, “The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition” and “Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: Lechuck’s Revenge” are pc (steam / and iOS, Xbox 360 It has been distributed.

Although detailed information has not been announced for this work, Ron Gilbert is secretly working on the development of this work two years ago. Also, in the blog of January 2013, he has introduced some of the concepts when making a new “Monkey Island”. Above all, I would like to produce as a sequel to the initial two works, and I am realized this time, and other ideas may be incorporated into the work.

“Return to Monkey Island” will be released within 2022. In addition, the corresponding platform is currently undecided.