Some games offer rewards or special elements in the game when players reach a state of completion of 100%. This involves grabbing all collectibles, complete each mission and also perform small secondary activities. Kirby and the forgotten land It is not different, and as such, some players ask themselves what is 100% reward .

100% Completion Reward for Kirby and the Forgotten Land

How 100% Kirby and the forgotten land

To accomplish 100% in Kirby and The Forgotten Land, you must complete the following:

  • Finish the main story with 300 Waddle Dees rescued and all the missions completed.
  • Complete all stages of Treasure Road.
  • Complete Isolated islated: Forgot Dreams with the 300 pieces of Leon’s soul.
  • Evolve all copy skills completely.
  • Collect the 256 figures of Gotcha Machine.
  • Completely improve the scenario The Deedly Dees.
  • Complete the three glasses of the Colosseum.
  • Complete the three levels of Waddle Dee Cafe: Help Wanted.
  • Catch the “Bling Blipper” in the Flash Fishing Minigame.
  • Complete the three levels of Tilt-Y-Roll Kirby.

What is the reward for completing 100%

The 100% reward for Kirby and The Forgotten Land is a welcome screen that congratulates you by completing the game at 100%. You can consult it below, to avoid the long list of previous verification.

In addition to this, on the Save File screen, you will now see a slightly different icon for your saved file, with 100% stamped at the bottom and a small Kirby winking. However, it is nothing of the other world.

As such, it is possible that it feels that the reward is not worth 100% when completing Kirby and The Forgotten Land. At least you know what it is about and you can make that decision now before embarking on the challenge.

To get more tips and tricks about the latest adventure of the Pink Stain holder, see the guides below.

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