It usually happens in many sports that a star that has accumulated both titles and public recognition, seek in recent years of their career, to take out all the possible economic revenue by fiching through clubs that make dizzy offers. But, sometimes, some One-Club Man appears. Someone who just wants to play for a team and that values more other things than even more money.

Read “ Faker ” Sang-Hyeok is one of them. Despite the constant rumors of departure when the contract of him is finished, the legendary South Korean Midlaner of League of Legends has remained faithful to T1 throughout his race. And it is not that he has not had some of the best offers in the history of this electronic sport…

is revealed by the CEO of T1

_ “This is going to build a relationship with Faker. He is a very familiar person… he has his family, who is very important to him. When I arrived at T1, this was going to build a relationship with Faker and with his family. He You do not need money. He has money, he succeeded and has made great investments in South Korea. Literally there is a building called Faker Tower. Your company is on the top floor, which is worth a lot of money. “_, Pleased Joe Marsh In Trash Talk , the Doublelift podcast.


The number is revealed below: _ “It has done it great at an economic level, so everything is reduced to where you think it can compete better. It always has offers, even this same market. I had to fly to Korea after the Free agency, because he was a free agent… Every time he is a free agent, comes an offer from China. 20 million dollars a year, everyone thinks it because it is a great number. “_

There are no official data about the salary of Faker in T1, but it is rumored that it would be around five trillion won, about 4.2 million dollars. Faker could charge about five times more in China , but both the family, and the great project of T1 convinced him to continue and take the tenth LCK of him.

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