Playing in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, the fans of “Star Wars” will want to take note of everything that every episode can offer. Each episode has five levels containing three level tests. When leveling a level called Hunting for Dzhango in Episode II: Clone attack Players will need to perform a test called Flying for droids .

How to perform “flyers for droids” in “Hunt for Dzhango”

Flights for droids – This is a third-level test in the “Hunt for Dzhango”, where the players are invited to fly through the asteroid field, fighting the famous franchise character. Dzhango Fett . It will fly through a huge asteroid after twice demoling the health scale of Django. Players will want to slowly wade through the narrow aisters of the asteroid and reach the other side. This will complete the challenge.

To ensure that players will receive this test at the first passage, they may want to return to free game To get all the collectibles instead of trying to do all this from the first time. Do not hurry and avoid using acceleration when crossing an asteroid, as this is not calculated for the time mission.

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