Most God of War fans are likely to remind themselves too well when the game has asked them for the first time to throw the ax of Kratos. The feature is already satisfactory, but it is correctly rounded off it by pressing the triangle button when the ax comes back with sheeps. Every movement of the animation makes the force clear, which is behind this litter.

Such an experience should also be offered fans in God of War Ragnarök, which at least promises Beau Jimenez, who works as a sound designer on the continuation. On Twitter, he responded to a video in which a fan recorded his visibly impressed response to the first Axwurf in the game.

Such reactions promises Jimenez for God of War Ragnarök : “I am so looking forward to reacting players to what we were in God of War: Ragnarök work.”

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God of was new mechanics

Of course, what the team is working on the team does not reveal the sound designer. But we already know that a lot should change at the combat system in the successor. So struggles should not only become tactical, players * inside should also get more options for the hand.

An anticipated innovation is more verticality. Already in RevealTrailer was brief to see how Kratos moves with his chaos blades to a higher platform. Here you can watch this again:

Kratos with gripping hook and glider?

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Although the pull up looks fun, but certainly does not approach the ax throw. Most likely, the trailer also shows not all new mechanics of the game. Well possible so that we expect much more impressive innovations.

So far, we can only give courage, but other action titles already present with interesting ideas. For example, Kratos could destroy walls, for example, as well as in Horizon Forbidden West with its gripping hook blades or like Aloy with a glider over the game world. Or boss fights in the game could have similar to a Shadow of the Colossus climbing passages in which the opponents have to be climbed first. Maybe, and here we sit out of the window, Kratos could even learn to jump.

The possibilities are practically endless. Which new mechanics ultimately create it into the finished game, we still have to wait. So far, a concrete release date is missing, despite displacement rumors, the game should nevertheless appear 2022.

What ideas do you have for new tools for Kratos or Atreus in God of War Ragnarök?