ELDEN RING Visitors all over the world not only with a complex combat system, a spacious and diverse open-world or its harmonious atmosphere: also its deep history and its multi-layered characters make a large part of the charm of the game.

Caution spoiler: In the following we talk about all elementary characters of the game, under which of course some bosses are located in Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.98 € / 50.99 €) *. *

Only yesterday we have given you a summary of the events, which have contributed to the start of the game before your arrival. Be confused in reading due to the many, very similarly sounding name or just want to know more about the interesting figures of the game, then you are exactly right at our character overview to Elden Ring.


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Marika and Godfrey

At the beginning of our list stands Queen Marika, the eternal : She is probably the most central figure of the entire game. Originally just a descent of the nums, it will choose from the two fingers to an Empyreaan and gets up to the goddess. With their newly acquired power, she removes the Rune of the death from the Elden Ring and establishes the golden order.

Later, however, she destroys the elden ring and is included as a punishment in the earthbaum. Marika had two husbands during their rule: Godfrey and Radagon, both of which wore the title of Eldenkursten. With them Marika had a total of five children, all of which were born as a semi-gods.

Her first husband, Godfrey , was originally Horah Loux and was actually a bloodthirsty chief in the wilderness before transformation. When he marries Marika, he gets the lion Serosh to his side, loses his primitive trains and receives a new name: In this figure, she also meets him at the foot of the earth tree in the capital before he reveals his true nature.

Rostala and Radagon

The reason for this was the Full Moonkönigin Rostala , the head of the academy at this time. She is a mighty sorceress who resisted Godfreys troops and met at the red-haired Radagon , one of the allies of Godfrey. The two fall in love with the battlefield and bring a total of three children to the world: Ranni, Radahn and Rykard.

But in contrast to Rennala, Radagon’s role does not end at this point for a long time. According to Marikas Separation of Godfrey Radagon leaves a mentally deeply hit Rennala, becomes Marikas’s second husband and thus the new Eldenfürsten. The two witnesses two damned children: Malenia and Miquella.

Together with Marika, Radagon is finally trapped in the earthbaum, where he waits as a final boss of the game. Anyone who has already defeated him may be confused: In fact, the intermediate sequence in front of the boss fight shows Marika, as she hangs on a rune arc before she falls, her hair dyes red and she turns into Radagon.

In fact, with regard to this scene and the connection of the two characters, there are several theories, but all agreed that the two figures are in the end and the same. Whether Radagon has always been part of Marika or united with her after destroying the Elden Ring is unclear.

For the first thesis, the cursed children speak Malenia and Miquella: they could be a punishment for the actually forbidden relationship of Marika with themselves, ie Radagon. On the other hand, it could also be a penalty for the destruction of the Elden ring. The connection and relationship between Marika and Radagon is definitely one of the largest puzzles of Elden Ring.

Page 1 Marika, Godfrey, Rennala and Radagon

Page 2 Godwyn, Morgott, Mohg, Ranni, Radahn and Rykard

Page 3 Malenia, Miquella and Miscellaneous Staff

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