The best horror games on Halloween, an X-Mas top list in winter and a set of Ranked Easter Eggs at Easter. Oh well. As a visitor of video game websites you do not always have it easy. And we do not: Nothing do nothing to holidays & Co., just give you a few greetings out or do the compulsory “the ten best…” articles?

To the highest feast of Christianity (no, not the most gifts!) We also need to think 4P editors on sweet bunny and egg hunting. That’s why I do the beginning and present you: my favorite video game hare, my favorite video game egg, my favorite Easter Egg and my favorite game that has something to do with religion. Here we go!

As a carnickel, I choose Robbie the Rabbit from the Silent Hill series: Due to chronic rabbits I could not trimmed no part of the series – but the nasty mascot of the Lakeside Amusement Park is still pretty cool. Of course, the best egg of the video game world belongs Yoshi – not only springs from the hopping hero from a spotted ovum, but the things also have a playful sense. Yoshi can lay eggs and carefully use them as a throw floor! From the sheer infinite flood of Easter Eggs in games I’m looking for me Metal Slug 2 / X: In the first mission there are all kinds of banners with Arabic characters. And in addition to normal things like “money exchange room” or “supermarket”, three of them tell their very own story: on one is “restaurant with food poisoning”, on another “I have diarrhea” and a third finally says “I need medicine”. I had to smile at least when I found out. And then there is still the favorite game with religious reference: Yes, I was trying to give Kratos the advantage, but Capcom’s Asura’s Wrath did the race – because the way here from Hindu and Buddhist mythology an anime actioner of the Extra class has been quite sensational.

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And you? Which four-person hare, egg, Easter Egg and Göttergame chooses you if we ask you very much?