A new video reveals a cut anillo by Elden Mechanics and mission that would have allowed you to put to sleep at different NPCs and learn about your dreams. Anillo de Elden has been a tremendous success, which is a relief for many given the long and almost tortuous wait for the game. That said, like any game, he had a long development that he saw many, many changes. Due to the scale, time and budgets, games often have to make concessions and eliminate things along the way. Anillo de Elden was no exception and it seems a fairly significant feature and the line of missions was eliminated only a few months before the game was finally launched.

Elden Ring Cut Content - Dream Collecting and Sleep Mist - Unseen NPC and Conversations
A new video of Lance McDonald reveals that there was a character named Monk Jiko with a complete voice and animation that would have asked the players who would collect “fog of dreams”, a substance similar to the fog that could be acquired from the sleeping NPCs. After collective enough, Jiko would give the player “Dream”, a drink that could be offered at different NPCs and put them to sleep. Then they would have different dreams that would be revealed to the player, but it is not clear if these would only have been described through the text (as seen in this initial version) or if they would have been more visual. It looks at one of the traders of the game drinking drinking and having a violent nightmare in the McDonald’s video. McDonald also noticed that Jiko would have had a larger search line that stretched throughout the game, but finally he was eliminated from the game.

It is difficult to see what most important purpose I would have had this mechanics. While it is interesting, it does not seem to have a massive impact on the game. Ultimately, it only adds some new dialog boxes, which probably explains why fromSoftware decided to eliminate the mechanics of the game. If Monk Jiko’s largest search line was greeter, it could be more interesting, but the details about how it would have been scarce.

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